delay-may-mean-deathGreetings, dear Earthlings!

We have come to you today so as to share the latest news from the subtle level of Earth as well as to tell you about the way the actions of earthly and non-earthly forces correlate in terms of reaching the final goal – transition of your planet and part of her inhabitants to the energy space of the Fifth dimension.

The things now in progress on Earth can be called the crucial fight between the Dragon reptiles and Orions that are losing their power and the light segment of humanity – those who you are used to calling Alliance.

And this name corresponds to reality since it is a unity of the people who are aware of the actual state of the things on Earth and the mortal danger to humanity that the deep state’s plans are fraught with.

But few know that this Alliance’s membership is also held by non-earthly forces – the representatives of a lot of extraterrestrial civilizations whose “seeds” are scattered all over your planet now.

Such “Star sowing” was implemented on Earth to anchor the energies of their Star families that are participating actively in the experiment on a whole planet’s transition to the Fifth dimension in such short terms.

Everything turned out to be much more complicated than it was expected in the beginning. This is what accounts for the Transition being so prolonged.

The Dragon reptiles and Orions have done “great job” having subjugated not only the pure Divine souls’ conscience but their physical media as well.

In recent decades for the side of your foes there has been exercised a massive psychological attack on the conscience of Earth’s inhabitants, which invariably influenced their physical bodies, too.

As a result, people have become not only easily controlled through external influence on their conscience – such as the media that include some elements of psychotronic weapons but also through influence on their physical bodies through nanoparticles the introduction of which is implemented in a variety of ways: by means of foodstuffs and medicines, “vaccines” and sputtering of chemicals into the air, sanitary goods and even water.

It has affected almost each individual on Earth, as a result of which many of those who have come to Earth to help people with Transition have found themselves entrapped in duality and numerous manipulations with their conscience and physical bodies, too.

Such a lot has not been escaped by the representatives of the Earthly Alliance either, who have happened to lack the Unity necessary for the prompt and productive work.

It would not be true to say that they have completely failed but the disagreement that arose among them made the work of the Non-earthly Alliance much more complicated whose opportunities are limited at the force of the fact that its representatives work not at the physical level but at the subtle one.

Now we have to not only adjust their actions but correct their mistakes, too that, to our enormous regret, have led to death of hundreds of thousands of people.

So, the unforgivable sluggishness of their actions has resulted in the bloodshed between the Slavonic nations that is still in progress up till now.

Unfortunately, the roots of the deep state have penetrated too deep in the power institutions and state organizations of the leading countries of the world and at all the levels of power at that.

The same lot was suffered by the Earthly Alliance, too, with their members happening to have betrayers.

As a result of this, we had to get in charge of the global operation on the overturn of the deep state’s regime so as to rearrange our forces and make priorities in our further actions.

Now the things will start developing faster, and the crucial point of the Transition of Earth will become mass Disclosure of the deep state’s crimes that are committed by their protégés at the helm.

And now as ever we are in need of support by the revived part of Earth’ population so as to act from above and from below at the same time.

Our share is in prevention of a nuclear war rendering harmless all the nuclear ammunition on Earth, as well as doing orderly work on purification of the environment that the agonizing deep state is trying to poison with all the means available to it.

While the work of the Earthly Alliance and all Earth’s inhabitants sympathetic to it is not only in revealing the horrible crimes of the deep state’s marionettes but also initiating persecution of them by law.

As soon as it happens, all the wars on Earth will be stopped and all the countries will be taken over by honest and decent people who are capable of developing a new society on your planet.

This year will become a critical one for you since delay may mean death – at a too high rate the Dragon reptiles and their henchmen are putting to life their plans on annihilation of humanity.

We ask everyone who is reading this message to join the work – energy, practical, mental: whatever one can manage so as to overcome all the remaining obstacles on the way to the transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension as soon as possible.

The representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on April 26, 2023.

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  1. YourChoice says:

    I wish every human being would help fight! I always voice my opinion, this causes unexpected backlash, however I have morals. Do the people NOT have any morals? How can the people believe their lies? How can the people continue being governed?
    I have rebelled all my life, I continue exposing the truth, my family even think I am the crazy one!
    I would be grateful to be given any suggestions as to how I can help

    1. Natalie says:

      Dear YOURCHOICE, maybe this message will help you to find some answers, but you have to translate it into English. Here is the link

      1. YourChoice says:

        Hi Natalie, thank you so much for your reply, this definitely gave me peace in the sense of knowing I do express Unconditional Love towards others and myself.
        What also gave me peace is I now know why when the nastiest comments said to me…and I mean nasty!!, I can never bring myself to repeat the words in return, I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings, these nasty words do not effect me, it is kind of weird?
        I do & don’t get why people cannot feel Unconditional Love, I feel their lifestyle should not be an excuse, for me it is common sense and morals to treat all living beings, creatures, etcetera etcetera just as I wish to be treated.
        Natalie I am very grateful for your time

        After reading this over and over I read the next post. Maybe you can help me with what I am about to tell you?
        I am so grateful for I live in one of the most beautiful places, for me this is Heaven On Earth. We live off grid, we drink water directly from the River, we are surrounded with wildlife, beautiful trees, we have all types of rocks with all types of minerals, each and every rock/pebble/stone have their own beauty, the wildlife visit us inside too
        I am so so blessed for my life.
        The one issue is, I have family living in the matrix… My dad recently just got home from hospital, my mum just recently went into hospital, me being me drove down to help.
        So here I am in this matrix massively overwhelmed as I have realised my dad needs 80% of my help. I am also needing to remember for him at times, his memory isn’t all that sharp.
        I feel so conflicted, I know where I belong, however I feel I cannot turn back whilst knowing my dad needs me, however I am missing my long time friend, my 8 month old dog, the wildlife, oh and the trees.
        I have a tree ‘HR’, he is extremely old and just so special to me, I have a connection with him I never thought existed. Plus I experience different “things” most people are afraid of, however every experience is so special and beautiful for me. Writing this has taken me hours due to continually being interrupted, I have needed to remind my dad I do have a life too. My dad is very humble, our communication is very sweet
        Natalie would you be so kind to express your feeling towards my situation❤️


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