rearrangement-of-forces-on-earthGreetings, dear earthlings!

Today we have come to you to share our vision of the situation on Earth.

The energy processes now in progress on your planet have at last reached the level that can be identified as the point of no return to the old world-order.

And it is connected with the fact that the sensible – mindful – part of your planet’s population has managed to accumulate the amount of positive – constructive – energy that will now enable not only to maintain the results of the confrontation to the Forces of Dark but also move further on facilitating the general Disclosure of the crimes committed by your enslavers.

From the subtle level it is well seen to us how light and constructive thoughts and intentions of millions of people all around your planet “cut through” the dark layer of the negative energies that the Dark Forces tried to fill the energy space of Earth with both from the subtle level and through their representatives embodied as humans.

It resembles the flashes of lightening getting through sinister dark clouds that became thick over your wonderful planet.

And we are happy that this breakthrough has happened mostly thanks to you – earthlings who have eventually realized being at the edge of extinction.

More and more people all around the globe start seeing the unhuman “bared teeth” of those who are forcing them into moral and physical misery deciding people’s destinies at their discretion.

And though the truth about the origin of those who control your planet is revealed to only a few, a lot of people start intuitively feeling their being alien – thus monstrous and perverted the things they are trying to impose on you are.

And with every single day the number of the revived will be increasing, and, consequently, the manifested collective human intention to break free from the vicious system of the third dimension matrix will also gain in scale.

Thanks to this the highly developed civilizations carefully watching all the energy and physical processes that take place on Earth will be able to interact with you more actively.

The one who is sincerely striving for changes and whose Soul turns towards Light always gets support from one’s Galaxy family.

And it is especially tangible in case of deliberate interaction – when one directly asks the representatives of highly developed civilizations for help.

In this case there occurs their energy exchange not only at the subtle but physical level, too since with the increase of the general vibrations of Earth many representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have learnt to decrease their vibrations as much as possible to provide specific – material – support to people.

What does this support include?

Before all, it includes maintenance of human vibrations at the appropriate level and purification of their conscience.

It can be said that like accumulators they constantly “charge” people with positive energy sustaining their belief in the prompt victory of the Forces of Light.

And this means a lot, believe us, especially now when the agonizing Forces of Dark are trying to make chaos of all your spheres of life on Earth thereby doing their best to pull along with them millions of people.

Another impotent component of practical support of earthlings for the side of extraterrestrial civilizations is a guarantee that world nuclear war will take place under no conditions.

Making use of their technologies they can neutralize any nuclear weapons, which is already being put to life by them.

But the greatest joy and the major event for you will become your physical reunion when help to the people who have moved to the Fifth dimension will be provided directly now – straightforwardly.

Your galaxy brothers and sisters will teach you the skills of existence in the high dimension world generously sharing their experience with you as well as technologies amazing to you.

They are looking forward for such an opportunity.

We are happy to see your progress and durability of your Spirit, dear earthlings, and hope that our message will inspire you to oppose the Forces of Dark more actively and will make your Belief in the prompt victory of the Forces of Light stronger.

The representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 10, 2022.

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