public-opinion-influence-on-collective-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you about the way collective human conscience and public opinion that was said about in my previous messages correlate each other.

They are actually closely interconnected since the energy profile of public opinion typical of this or that group of people produces considerable effect on the general energy component of your collective conscience.

And it is especially apparent now when on Earth there has arisen fierce opposition of the Light and Dark forces at the physical level this time.

Unfortunately, due to the public opinion imposed on people that is beneficial for the shadow government a wide segment of Earth’s population has unintentionally found itself at the Dark Forces’ side.

Thus, the hysteria spread all over the world that concerns Russian military operation in Ukraine has resulted in collective human conscience getting “beefed up” with a great amount of negative energies of hatred, aggression and censure.

And everything that has to do with the so-called “pandemic” has incited a vehement outburst of the energy of fear in all its manifestations.

And to a large extent it happened due to the frenzied information war unleashed by the global media most of which are the very keen representatives of the Dark Forces on Earth themselves.

As for alternative information sources that the shadow marionettes are trying tooth and nail to remove from media environment, so far they are fighting a losing battle against the mainstream media and, consequently, are unable of enriching collective human conscience with high vibration energies to the extent to tip the scales in favour of Light.

Yet, the picture is gradually changing and it occurs the following way.

Under the influence of external factors human conscience inevitably undergoes changes.

And it takes three stages.

First. Doubt about the information provided by official sources being credible.

Second. Search of truth by means of alternative information sources.

Third. Forming of one’s own opinion about the events that take place on Earth.

As a result, one goes over to the camp of like-minded people forming public opinion that is absolutely different from well-established – the official one.

As a rule, it conveys quite distinct vibrations now typical of the energies of freedom and search of truth.

These energies replenishing collective human conscience make it balanced since every revived person is worth of hundreds and even thousands of unrevived ones.

This is the power of high vibration Divine energies.

And this is the reason for every revived person to be so valuable.

Fortunately, on Earth there has appeared a whole “army” of Light, and each Soldier of it can transform the energy of the space and people around them by simply being next to them.

But if at the same time Light Soldiers intentionally change public opinion of their environment, collective human conscience will swiftly increase its vibrations ousting out of its space low vibration energies of the third dimension world.

This way your physical actions aimed at transformation of the unrevived segment of population will produce enormous effect on the energy component of collective human conscience.

And I bless you, my dear, for this challenging work that is so crucial now!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 18, 2022.

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