WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Energy profile of words)

window-on-new-world-energy-profile-of-wordsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will approach the consideration of words and expressions’ influence on people from a little different perspective and look into the energy mechanism of such interaction.

As you already know, any action of people, starting from the origin of their thought or emotion, is based on this or that energy.

And depending on its quality there begins to develop a whole chain of events – first at the subtle level and then at the physical one.

And it occurs the following way.

If a thought that has just been conceived gets additional infeed as long reflection, especially emotionally coloured, it will gradually gain flesh.

And at this point a great role is played by words and it does not matter whether you pronounce them aloud or to yourselves – you make your thought “dressed” in a particular manner anyway.

It can be beautiful or ugly, bright or dull, expensive or cheap, good quality or shabby.

Of course, these “clothes” are energy ones but it is them that are the basis or a “trigger mechanism” for all your actions and the associated events to follow them.

In other words, you will get the “fruit” it gives you depending on the things you fill your thought with.

Why do many of you often put up the things you are annoyed to do till some other time?

To understand the reason, you should just follow your thoughts: the words by means of which you express them.

They are most often such expressions as “I do not feel like doing it at all!”, “I am unlikely to succeed”, “It is so hard to do” and so on.

Anyway, your thoughts about the things you have to do are impregnated with negative energies of all kinds in advance: unwillingness, doubt, lack of skill, lack of self-confidence…

And now remember about your creative impulses when your favourite occupation awaits you.

Your thoughts are likely to get quite distinctive “clothes” this time – bright and cheerful ones.

You are looking forward to realizing your projects and enjoying the fruit of your labour.

Eventually, you do the annoying task anyway but in an unwilling way, having trouble while implementing it and being in a bad mood and, consequently, contribute to it all the negative energies that have been accumulated in your energy space.

While your favourite occupation and its results literally shine with the high vibration Divine energy you emit.

Yet, what you should always remember, my dear, is that all your thoughts, said and unsaid, influence the people around you by all means.

These people unintentionally catch their energy profile and sometimes general sense too, and this energy chain starts developing embracing more and more people and making this energy space extended.

Perhaps, many of you have noticed how fast you behaviour passes on to your close people or colleagues at work or, on the contrary, you catch up theirs.

By the way, it does not matter what it has to do with.

Each of the people involved into this “orbit” begins thinking about their personal matters but in the similar way in terms of general idea.

So, someone can think about the unpleasant talk they are going to have with their children or parents, while another person having caught the “virus” of the unpleasant matter that is due suddenly remembers about the difficult and annoying task assigned by the manager.

Someone else can be waiting for the decision crucial to them in fear and the people around them having caught the “virus” of fear, will start worrying about their close people and so on.

Anyway, negative energy of this or that kind becomes “contagious” for the people around you, which can later pass on to their family and friends this time.

This way one inharmonious thought of an individual being expressed this or that way becomes the “carrier” of a certain energy information “infection”.

Therefore, my dear, try to share your positive thoughts and emotions with the people around thereby triggering the constructive chain not that of destruction.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 30, 2022.

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