LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Medical approach)

life-on-new-earth-medical-approachGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about modern medicine and this time we will discuss the people it is represented by.

To begin with, not everybody decides “to learn to be a doctor” by calling.

A lot of people are guided by merely material reasons especially in the countries where the profession of a doctor is a well-paid one.

Moreover, almost in all the medical institutions the studies themselves are arranged on just material principles, that is, they view the human body disregarding its Divine basis frames.

It means that students are taught to work with the physical body of a person only taking no notice of their subtle bodies.

While it is them that are the catalysts of one’s physical and psychic condition and any disease originates first in them.

Therefore, medical education from the very beginning features distorted image of man and, consequently, it is curtailed – invalid.

Some kind of exception is only Oriental medicine including knowledge about chakras and energy channels that are connected with certain organs of man and that can be influenced by activation of specific points on the body.

What makes the basis of acupuncture?

It is actually not energy channels themselves, the so-called meridians, but their vibration frequency that pulls up till its level human vital functions and physical organs connected with them at the subtle level.

Yet, this seemingly advanced medicine has its disadvantages as well.

Just like conventional one – classical – medicine, it removes just symptoms of diseases, not their causes.

Thus, any healing is arranged according to the programme healer-patient that presupposes alien external intrusion into the energy and physical space of a person.

Of great significance is the healer’s personality itself and it does not matter whether traditional or classical medicine is at issue.

What is important is how much a doctor and a patient coincide in respect of vibrations since during their immediate contact there unintentionally occurs their energy interchange.

So now, imagine a doctor that receives several dozen patients during a day with various vibrations and different diseases that also convey certain wave frequency because they are consequences of these or those negative emotions accumulated by a person.

In other words, there takes place mixing of a doctor’s, a patient’s and their disease’s energies, which actually results in energy chaos that does not encourage recovery.

And if we are to add a line of patients to this who passed through this doctor’s consulting room for days, weeks and months, the energy “picture” will assume quite a regrettable touch.

The thing is that any room keeps human energy traces for long that can show in a different way – depending on the “quality” of the energies introduced by them that reflect their thoughts and emotions.

And as you understand, these emotions are far from being harmonious.

So, the walls of any medical establishment themselves have absorbed the fear of death that even a healthy third dimension world person is possessed by, let alone the sick expecting their “verdict” made by a doctor.

Therefore, my dear, try to visit doctors as seldom as possible – in cases of barest necessity only – for example, in cases of bad injuries putting your life at risk and when immediate interference of a doctor is plainly required.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 19, 2021.

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