life-on-new-earth-saintsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to start my narration about one more group of the Light Forces representatives who people refer to quite often and who, just as Angels and Archangels, have chosen their mission as Service to humanity from the subtle level of Earth.

And we will talk about those you got used to calling Saints.

But first, I would like to consider in detail the notion itself.

What is holiness in the common sense and who is canonized?

As a rule, they are usually the so-called martyrs, sufferers and very rarely those who lived a happy life on Earth are ranked among them.

Why does a Saint bring the association of a sacrifice to people often giving their life for Faith?

Before all, it is because of the fact that it happened to Yeshua, which became some kind of holiness criteria.

Have you ever thought why church canonizes just self- sacrificingness and sorrow?

Why is it these people of tragic plight that are held up as examples for others and why are they worshiped as Saints?

Why is suffering becoming an example to follow, which also shows even in such expressions of yours as: “Jesus endured and commanded us to endure. (Patience is a virtue)”?

Why is Saints’ facial expression on icons is full of grieve?

Well, my dear, it is because those who created religion with all its attributes feed on the energies of pain and sorrow, not the energies of joy or happiness.

Their nourishment is exceptionally negative energies, and with all their might and means available they try to make people live in accordance with these “canons”.

Since we have already spoken a lot about religion and religious figures, I will not repeat myself.

My current aim is to show you that despite all the reptiloid subterfuge many great light souls ever lived on Earth have really became Saints to you but not because they were canonized by church, for all this third dimension glitter made no difference to them but because while living they existed in the energies of Love and Compassion they generously were sharing with people.

So now, being in the subtle worlds they have chosen Service to humanity as their mission and carry on sharing the Divine energy of Love with people from up there thereby soothing their pain and supporting in dire straits.

Yet, before we move on to the description of these great souls’ interaction with people, I would like to focus on one more peculiarity of the so-called holiness.

You must know, my dear, by no means all who were canonized by church are actually saints.

Sometimes there were canonized those who committed crimes indeed using the name of God in church as a cover.

But in spite of all the clergymen’s tricks people by intuition have always singled out true Saints – devotees and human soul healers: they feel their high vibrations and the Love and Light emitted by them.

Such Saints turned especially respected, close and loved who people referred to in hard times, and the former answered their calling sending them help and support.

These are exactly the Saints that will be at issue in my next messages.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 11, 2020.

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