LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Medicine of transition period)

life-on-new-earth-medicine-of-transition-periodGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about what the medicine of the transition period will be like when the conscience of the majority of people will not be able to switch over the new way yet.

Of course, the greatest part of the psychological load will rest on doctors who are to retrain completely since their medical skills and approach to medicine in general do not fit the new reality of Earth at all.

They will have to master not only new technologies but a new approach to the human body in which its physical component is far from being the main one.

They will also have to learn to deal with numerous kinds of energies that will become the main component of their medical practice.

Of course, not all the doctors will be able to tackle the task but only those whose conscience will turn out to be ready to move to a new level of development and who will be able to realize the forthcoming global changes on Earth.

First of all, it is those doctors who will succeed to avoid vaccination. Just this will be enough to promote their success and ability to switch over to a new worldview.

Their conscience, unlike that of the vaccinated, will remain free – independent on the influence from without, therefore the new Divine energies arriving at Earth now will speed up the process of their psychological rearrangement.

It is these people who will be able to rearrange themselves towards the medicine of the future and join the process of your planet’s population health improvement.

Having left the third dimension world matrix, they will consider their patients in a distinct way assessing them thoroughly this time: psychologically, physically and in terms of energy.

They will learn to see their aura and scan the causes of their diseases at the subtle level.

And they will be provided with the most cutting-edge extraterrestrial technologies to help them.

Doctors and patients will be attracted to each other according to vibrations and life views likeness.

And it will occur in the most natural way without external interference or residence or job lock-on.

It will be the very “chances” you are destined to have.

Since in the fourth dimension you are to find yourselves soon people will be guided by their intuition only, it will unmistakably direct them to the right places and find the right partners they need.

Thus, simply having thought that you need this or that specialist, you will magically come across them.

Well, things like this happen to many of you now too, don’t they, my dear?

But in the worlds of high vibrations it will become a usual phenomenon for you since the Laws of the Universe reigning there show outwards almost immediately.

And since the medicine of the future will be free and accessible to everyone, doctors will not have any mercenary considerations and their only desire will be to help a patient the way best possible for the latter.

Medical errors will be almost ruled out because new technologies are designed to examine not only the physical body of a person but all their subtle material structure as well.

While the process of healing itself will be based on harmonization and energy balancing of all the human organs by their restructuring.

It is these advanced methods of healing that will help elderly people susceptible to chronic diseases “tame” their illnesses so as to go on caring for their health themselves then.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 15, 2021.

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