LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Seraphim of Sarov)

life-on-new-earth-seraphim-of-sarovGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you about one of the most loved and respected Russian Saints – Seraphim of Sarov.

Why do many of you so tangibly feel his presence and support?

Why has he become close and dear for a large number of people?

First of all, it is explained by the fact that people feel the greatness of his Soul and his simplicity, approachability and his unlimited Love to people along with it.

He is a little different from the other Saints and, before all, in terms of energy.

The thing is that Seraphim of Sarov is Yeshua’s Soul’s particle that incarnated on Earth at times that are hard for it.

And his Service that he dedicated so many years of his life to is the continuation of Yeshua’s activity on Earth.

In spite of the name of Seraphim of Sarov being an integral part of Russian Orthodox church that canonized him, even during his life his conscience advanced far beyond the metes and bounds of Orthodox religion.

The things that he preached to people were nothing else but Yeshua’s Teaching in its pure form, and even the examples he made while talking to people were similar to those used by Yeshua – picturesque, vivid and easy to comprehend for common people.

He himself knew who he was but understood that it was not the right time to reveal knowledge about reincarnation to people and disclosure of SUCH truth would bring no good to anyone.

Therefore, while talking to people he found some kind of compromises enabling him to communicate the true Teaching of Yeshua within the limits of conventional Orthodox denomination.

Yet, you can notice that prayers written by Seraphim of Sarov differ from canonical church prayers.

They convey genuine wisdom and profoundness based on the Laws of the Universe not perverted by official religion.

And people felt him being exceptional – unusual purity of his Soul not dimmed by any manifestations of external influence on it.

After living the earthly level this great Soul carried on it Service as Seraphim of Sarov since help to humanity was its natural condition before that, too.

Thus, having incarnated in the physical body one more time and having made a great impact on human memory, Yeshua’s Soul became still closer to humanity by means of one more of its particles that managed to overcome all the obstacles on the way of the third dimension world person and switch over to real spiritual Service so as to make people closer to the true Creator.

And now the Soul of Seraphim of Sarov is close to you as ever, for having overcome all the vibration barriers he is trying to help each person who embarked on the road of Ascension to reach the goal and surmount the boundary line separating you from the life on the new wonderful Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Invoke him, my dear, as often as possible, and you will perceive his presence by all means – tender, soft and loving.

And he will hold your hand like a loving Father who guides his child preventing them from stumbling and saving from all the hardships on the way.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 21, 2020.

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