WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Intuitive perception of situation)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about your new reaction to events that is also a manifestation of the Fifth dimension energies on Earth.

And at issue are not only your personal life events but also those that take place in your countries and the world in general.

So as to feel the difference, recall the way you responded to everything around you before – just a few years ago.

It was likely to be a very emotional one and often you blamed all the troubles and problems on somebody else – family, friends, colleagues, government.

It is quite possible that there was actually their share of fault, too but you did not go below the surface in anything and saw exceptionally the consequence of the event that took place, not its cause.

Such behaviour and reaction to the small and large-scale events are typical of the overwhelming majority of the third dimension world people.

It is now instilled in their conscience and subconscience as certain patterns that is why such reaction can be called spontaneous and unconscious.

Moreover, it is implied by the very dual world itself that is based on the energies of opposites.

Well, what is happening to many people now when Earth is being showered with the flows of such high vibration energies as the Energy of Love, Unity, Equality and Brotherhood?

If one’s vibrations resonate with them, one’s mentality and behaviour changes drastically.

One looks at one’s own life and your planet’s life with quite another eye and takes all the events occurring in the world not from the point of view of momentary benefit but in agreement with their Divine expediency.

Sometimes even not being able to express the vision of a new world in words, one feels by intuition that great goals achievement takes victims and sometimes they are not few.

Therefore, such expression as “the worse, the better” is acquiring a new deep meaning.

And it is in that humanity should reach the very “bottom” in this “ocean” of chaos and absurdity so as having pushed off from it to rise to the surface and “take a deep breath”.

Of course, not everyone can feel and understand it, yet, such people are not few on Earth now.

And this intuitive perception of the present-day situation is exactly a vivid manifestation of the Fifth dimension on Earth: when one judges about the current events not by mind but perceives them at the level of one’s subtle sense organs.

The same is happening in private life of a lot of people.

Old useless ties that pull one down – to the third dimensionality that one has already “dived out” from are gradually falling off and one throws them off like an unnecessary load that prevents one from advancing to the world of the Fifth dimension.

Not always it occurs painlessly but the main thing is that the intuition of a revived person faultlessly identifies who they follow the same way with and who is just an obstacle on the way.

You see yourselves, my dear, how your environment has changed over the last years.

And the fact itself is an undeniable proof of the manifestation of the new energies of the Fifth dimension in your life, the ones that are driving out of it everything old, out of use and out of date.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 13, 2023.

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