LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Always for good)

life-on-new-earth-always-for-goodGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, today we move on to the practical part: how you can learn to control energy flows for your own sake, for the sake of Earth and people around you.

First thing you should remember.

Any thought-form of yours conveys this or that energy and depending on the quality of this energy you introduce into the world either destructive or constructive energy flow.

Of course, there are neutral, merely practical – everyday – thought-forms.

But in this case we are talking about those featuring emotional colouring.

It is your emotions that become “the point of attraction” of the corresponding energies that get more and more concentrated in your subtle bodies as long as one is thinking over this or that situation or problem.

They gradually create energy flows – “bridges” – between you and the people you think about and becoming filled with their energy now they get even more concentrated.

In practice it is impossible to trace each of these flows therefore you should concentrate all your attention on the “trigger” of your conscience being set on the “mode” of Love, Approval and Gratitude.

Thereby you will save yourself and the world around from negative energies intervention.

But now there has also come a crucial moment on Earth when man has to win over not only their freedom but also the right for existence.

So, what should you do under these circumstances so as to protect yourself and at the same time not to get involved into the confrontation with authorities, which inevitably will result in negative energy consequences?

And it is here where your skill of energy flows redistribution for the greater good of all will be of use.

Let us make an example as follows.

You feel that the protest is getting enhanced in you against those who have imposed the absurd situation of the quarantine on you, who make people use masks that can only do them harm, who have restricted your freedom of travel and deprived of the opportunity to meet friends and relatives, who have deprived your of job and, consequently, your source of income…

We can go with the list on and on since the situation on Earth gives rise to many negative consequences for each of you.

Well now, let us consider two options of attitude towards this situation.

First. You are constantly thinking of it and discussing all the current events with your acquaintances in a negative vein only.

With every single day the energy flows initiated by you both in your own energy field and by means of the “bridges” created by you in the energy space of your acquaintances get imbued with the energies of hatred, aggression, annoyance, fear or powerlessness to change anything…

So, these tiny brooks of negative energies originated by your thoughts gradually turn into wide rivers flooding everything on the way.

Do you think it will encourage the situation’s outcome turning out for the greater good of all?

I think this is a rhetorical question.

And the other option. In spite of all the things happening, you understand that it is possible to “dissolve” this “nightmare” that came into your life only with the help of the Energy of Unconditional Love.

And you trace each censure or judgement thought of yours concerning the current situation before it gets “embodied in flesh” and “melt” into Love and Light.

Then you introduce quite different energy flows into the world – full-flowing rivers of Unconditional Love that will wash away all the energy dirt on their way that has accumulated in human subtle bodies and all over your long-suffering Earth.

And I bless you for that!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 11, 2020.

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