WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (By mutual efforts)

window-on-new-world-by-mutual-effortsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about the creation of the fourth dimension reality by you.

Many of you, being unaware of it though, have already started doing this.

And, of course, it has become evident in terms of the people around you.

The circle of you communication has changed since you started to pull the ones that are congenial to you in terms of spirit, as well as you yourselves unintentionally began to choose those whose vibrations and, consequently, worldview you like and understand more.

This way gradually there will be established the very communities of the like-minded people we have already talked a lot.

But now we will consider the arrangement of such communities in a broader sense and mostly in terms of energy.

If you look more closely at your immediate circle of communication – those it is interesting for you to deal with and those you can openly talk on the most “painful” points, you are likely to notice that despite common interests still all of them are at different levels of spiritual development and, consequently, their vibrations vary quite a lot.

Some of these people are more concentrated on the political aspect of the current events, other – on the economic ones.

Still others pay a lot of attention to the false pandemic and fatal effect of the so-called “vaccines” on people.

Some of them are deeply involved into the issue of the Ascension of Earth, and everything else is of less importance to them.

In other worlds, everyone can have their own “hobbyhorse” – the issue they have the whole gamut of at their fingers’ ends accumulating the detailed information about it from all the sources available to them.

There are strong and weak points about it, actually.

The strong points are that all heedful people understand the third dimension world has got rotten through and that its existence in the form globalists are trying to impose on people is impossible now.

By your conscience you have already advanced to the level of understanding its collapse being inevitable and a new society with distinct – universal – values creation being necessary.

All of you also see that the heads of the majority of the countries are corrupt criminals in total submission to the world government.

And you are well aware of the plans this government nurtures and the “tools” employed for human conscience control.

All of you are unanimous about the “vaccination” being destructive for humans and the fact it was designed for the purpose of the maximum reduction of Earth’s population.

All these issues are in the public eye and are widely discussed in the independent information sources that you exchange with your kindred souls, each of whom, nevertheless, has acquired their own “specialization” and the information sources related to it.

As a result of such data exchange, a more profound picture of the world is being completed which is gaining integrity, that is, all the missing fragments of the current situation on Earth are fitting into it.

And it is wonderful since it makes your knowledge in these issues deeper.

Yet, this picture is one-sided so far because it is just an external manifestation of by far the most profound energy processes that now few are aware of.

And it is quite possible that you are the only person among the like-minded people who can unite the external and internal components of the global processes now in progress on your planet since without the understanding of them being inseparable it will be quite hard for you to create the space of the fourth dimension.

And in my next message I will tell you how you can change this minus for plus so as to help the people who share your ideas with to ascend to another stage of their spiritual development at the same time contributing the missing details to their picture of the world.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 8, 2022.

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