LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Hard choice)

life-on-new-earth-hard-choiceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider what energy processes occur in the aura of people whose conscience is struggling to cope with the fear for their life and the fear to get a low quality vaccine that can just be baneful for them.

This is the second group in our classification.

As a matter of fact, their energy profile differs little from that of the first group, just the quality of their fear is distinct and, possible to say, more various.

These people already have the information about the offered vaccines not only having failed to be duly tested but also being experimental preparations that have never been used for treatment of people.

It means that unlike the first group they are aware of the fact they voluntarily agree to an experiment not only on their body but on conscience as well.

Some even understand that it is some kind of a genetic experiment on man.

There is fear for life and desire to protect themselves from the authorities’ persecution on the scales, on the one hand, and on the other hand – fear of the side effects that a lot of vaccinated get, as well as fear to be deceived by the authorities whose policy is constantly changing.

And in such situation it is really hard for them to make the “right” decision.

Such uncertainty has a poor effect not only on their psychological but also energy condition.

The energy chaos that arose in their subtle bodies attracts a whole swarm of astral beings who try to maintain the negative energies throwing in, like chips into the fire, more and more emotions of doubt and fear.

And despite the fact that the Higher Powers and Safeguard Angels of such people are doing everything possible to save them from the decision fateful for them, the victory is often won by the Dark Forces since they are in a more favourable position.

Unlike the Forces of Light, they are as close to Earth as possible inhabiting her astral layer therefore the chaotic thoughts, emotions and actions of these people featuring low vibrations get easily resonated with beings of middle and lower astral.

This way, according to the Law of Similars, it is them who are attracted to the people possessed by doubts and lack of self-confidence.

As far as the Higher Powers and Safeguard Angels of such people are concerned, they manage to get through to their conscience only at rare moments of enlightenment when these people come across genuine knowledge or pure light souls happen to be by their side who feature high vibrations.

In their field astral beings cannot stay and they leave the one in doubt for some time, as a result of which there occurs one’s conscience enlightenment and one can now perceive the hints of the Light Forces.

And the longer such person stays within the space of high vibrations, the more chances their Soul gets to prompt the right decision and thereby save them from danger.

But if the person has failed to consolidate this condition in themselves and this awareness of what they heard or saw, having left the high vibration space, they come back where they started.

And a single negative thought or emotion is enough to let their astral “guests” in again who pouncing on their prey go on with their destructive work.

It is this energy instability that is the reason, my dear, for the behaviour of many of your friends and relatives.

Being within your field they agree with you and accept the information new to them, but as soon as they are alone because of instability of their inner state and low vibrations everything comes back to the usual course and they are ready to support another point of view that is closer to their conscience in terms of vibrations.

But do not blame it on yourselves that you have not managed to protect them, for you cannot keep within your field all your environment all the time.

People should express their Free Will themselves and make efforts to advance to a new level of spiritual development.

You simply give them a chance, and whether to take it or not is their choice now.

The main thing for you is not to be involved into the whirl of somebody else’s energies, which will throw you yourselves back and will not help your close people either.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 18, 2021.

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