LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Symbolism impact on human conscience)

life-on-new-earth-symbolism-impact-on-human-conscienceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Before I tell you how the Dark Forces influence different countries’ governments, I would like to highlight for you the mechanism of symbolism impact on people.

And now we will focus not on its physical manifestation, which is general symbols, but on the things that occur at the subtle level at the moment of these symbols being shown.

As you already know, any religion has its own egregor, and the more people practise it, the more powerful the egregor is.

And, of course, the “religion” practised by reptiloids and their henchmen is not an exception.

And since it was one of the first to arise – even earlier than all the rest religions arose, the ones that were artificially created by reptiloids again, its egregor is not only one of the most powerful but one of the most destructive as well, both for people and for the planet in general.

So now, reptiloids with all their facilities maintain this egregor, the one that itself makes tremendous energy influence on human conscience keeping it within the bounds of duality, which prevents human collective conscience’s vibrations from increasing.

Being aware of the fact that Earth is moving into a new energy space with no place for them, by all the means available to them reptiloids strive to keep it within the former reality.

This is the reason why they have recently started to have their satanic rites more and more often, which could not remain unnoticeable.

By the way, these “rites” can also be applied to “colour revolutions”, wars, terrorist acts, artificially promoted national conflicts, with human moral suffering and death toll as high as hundreds of thousands, are also “offerings” to Archon and his “servants”.

This insatiable monster and his egregor are nourished by them on people’s pain, energies of fear, despair and powerlessness.

While the satanic rites held by them and open demonstration of their symbols involve a huge amount of people.

What, for example, happens, at the concerts of popular satanic singers gathering audience of many thousands?

Their symbols attract all the Dark Forces to these places therefore their fans literally lose their mind turning into a mad fanatic crowd that generates the lowest energies sustaining the egregor of Archon.

Thus, by means of satanists’ symbols there is performed human conscience control, with people UNCONSCIOUSLY and VOLUNTARILY giving their energy and their inexhaustible Divine potential to the power of the Dark Forces who then use this natural gift of people against them themselves.

That is why, it is fanatism that has become reptiloids’ favourite “tool” for human conscience control, and they do their best to make it “run the show” in all the spheres of your life: in political, social, religious and national ones…

As far as their symbols are concerned, they are extra “fuel” to inflame human passions and tie the negative energies generated by people not only to the egregors of certain types of low vibration energies but also with the egregor of Archon thereby fortifying reptiloids’ ground on Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on August 13, 2020.

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