energy-tuning-mastersGreetings, dear earthlings!

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades constellation is speaking to you.

Today we have come to tell you about our role in the current processes taking place on Earth now.

As you already know all the human-friendly civilizations have recently stirred up their activities so as to turn the tide on Earth in favour of Light.

And although our participation in matters of earthlings have more an energy character, it is still quite significant.

What is our work?

First of all, it is to neutralize the action of the substances dispersed into the air that contain microscopic nanoparticles, and the latter in this or that way accumulate on the human body and partially get inside of it.

In case of being activated from without they can trigger the mechanism of self-destruction in people.

It is one of the most jesuitical means of influence on you since no one can escape this invisible enemy.

While you still can avoid vaccination if you wish, it is impossible to see micro particles hovering in the air.

That is why we have developed certain technologies that enable to partially neutralize the influence of chemtrailers by means of dispersing into the air directional effect “intelligent” particles.

Moreover, we carry out some energy work on human conscience deblocking and deliverance of people from the third dimension world programmes.

This work requires a finer tuning since we are perfectly aware of the fact that not all the inhabitants of your planet need this, while for some of them the excessive dose of “irradiation” with high vibration energies can even turn fatal.

So here we apply specific methods on scanning of your planet’s inhabitants’ vibrations.

If we see that one needs our help and support and asks the Higher Powers for it, we support them in terms of energy saving from negative external influence.

I think some of you could feel our presence when in dire straits.

As a rule, it shows as a gentle energy touch around the sixth or seventh chakras and sometimes around the pineal gland.

Thereby, we try to activate your Divine centers that connect you to the Creator, which makes your intuition acute and strengthens your liaison with the Soul.

Yet, we do this in cases of emergency when we see that you are seriously endangered.

Excessive interference into the energy space of other creatures is not allowed by the Laws of the Universe that we rigorously abide.

Besides, such interference does not let one work at oneself learning the required lessons of the third dimension world life or acquiring one’s own invaluable experience.

But now, when you have come to the line you were looking forward to coming to and the one that separates you from Transition, it is essential to remain up to the mark and not to stumble at the very last moment.

So today, we have come to you to offer our support and to give a shoulder to lean on.

Please, call for us intentionally this time and ask your Pleiades brothers for help each time you feel you need it.

We always hear you and will answer your call by all means.

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades constellation spoke to you on behalf of our civilization

Channeled by Marta on March 28, 2021.

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