single-union-for-earth-rescueGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Today I have come to you to communicate a message from the Galaxy Light Federation.

At the subtle level we can see well that the struggle of Dark Forces for your planet is reaching its last stage.

How is it expressed?

They are perfectly aware of the fact that Earth’s vibrations are changing so quickly that now it is months that count and even weeks.

If in the shortest time they fail to “curb” pure human souls capable to speed up the process of your planet’s entering a new high vibration space, not only their supremacy on Earth will be over but their physical existence as well since they will not be able to survive in the new energy space because of their subtle material nature.

Therefore, they compress their human conscience enslavement programme as much as possible.

At an accelerated pace everywhere there is being carried out 5G towers installment, in many countries the launch of vaccination is announced, the mass media sticks to the policy of mass intimidation by allegedly mutating virus and the necessity to make antivirus measures tougher.

Thus, continuous masking is being imposed on people almost legally.

There becomes aggravated the confrontation among the planet’s population between those who blindly believe the official propaganda and those who realize what is actually going on.

What can you do in a situation like this?

First. Under no circumstances give way to fear or panic.

This is exactly the reaction the world government expects and it is its main bargaining chip that should be knocked out of its hands.

Second. As much as possible distribute the true information about their crimes and real aims of the quarantine imposed by them.

Believe me, most people on the planet are ready now to accept this knowledge since with new high vibration energies arrival on Earth there is taking place fast and powerful unblocking of collective human conscience by dissolving alien programmes originally untypical of man.

It is also facilitated by light work of the revived part of Earth’s population.

Third. Always try to be within high vibration energies flow.

By this you will be able to make at the physical level the odds in favour of Light Forces that at the subtle level have united now to the Single Union of Earth Rescue.

This way grounding of our energies at Earth will constantly be sustained by means of you, which will manifold strengthen their effect on the current processes on your planet.

Fourth. Do not let introduce anything into your bodies under any circumstances, no matter how they will intimidate you and what they will threaten you with.

You should know now there is NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY totally free of the world government’s control and NOT A SINGLE HARMLESS VACCINE.

Its criminal grip has tightly embraced all the planet and their representatives are instilled into all medical establishments.

These months are going to be really crucial for earthlings that’s why the chief priority for everyone there should become the confrontation to Evil.

Yet, this confrontation should no way be aggressive, which will be beneficial to your conquerors.

Only strength of Spirit, self-respect and belief in oneself as a Divine creature can stop the bacchanalia of the Dark being on the loose on Earth.

Yet, your main “armour” against the Forces of Dark should become your permanent being within the flow of Unconditional Love energy, realizing its power and unlimited opportunities.

And remember that we are always there for you!

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on August 5, 2020.

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  1. Maria Cannon says:

    Thank you brother Astar Sheran for the wonderful message. We appreciate you.

    Much love to you and all Allied Light Forces..for helping our beautiful planet earth and all earthlings.


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