LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Prosthetics)

life-on-new-earth-prostheticsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will look into one more example of alien intrusion into the human body.

Your “miracle medicine” has advanced to the height enabling it to replace the body’s parts that have had their days or have been injured for metal designs.

Operations on the spinal column or arm and les joints replacement have become quite usual.

As a result of such operations one, in fact, gets rid of the pains that used to torture one before and starts living a fulfilling life.

Well, what happens as a result of such operations at the subtle level?

Let us study this studying the example of the spine as an energy rod of the human body.

As you know, each vertebra is responsible for a certain part of your body and, therefore, displacement or injury of any of them provoke, first of all, disorders in the part connected with it.

Most often they are pains or numbness resulting from nerve endings strangulation.

Modern surgeons who are used to solving all the problems in a cardinal way have worked out numerous methods on mechanical “return” of vertebrae to their place.

Not all of them turned out successful but people worn out by unceasing pain agree to such operation more and more often.

Well, suppose one has one’s spine “sunk”, that is, vertebrae almost touch each other since the interlayer with intervertebral liquid has become by far the thinnest now.

So, during the operation metal nails are driven into vertebrae and metal plates are sometimes introduced between vertebrae.

All the construction is designed to put these vertebrae to their “place” thereby freeing the nerve endings at the spot where one felt pain.

Let us assume that the operation was a success and everybody is happy: the doctor because they have relieved the pain of the patient, the patient themselves who have eventually got rid of the torturing pain.

Yet, unfortunately, neither of them bothers to think about such operation’s consequences at the energy level.

They are actually not as harmless though and the reason is as follows.

The energy channel of the spine is not simply a “rod” of the human physical body but at the same time a chakra “axis” as well that all one’s subtle bodies are “threaded” on.

Therefore, any “obstacle” causing the interruption of the energy flow in this channel is fraught with subtle sense organs’ work failure.

And depending on the chakra that such intervention took place there will start to develop the disfunction corresponding to it that will first appear at the subtle level and then will begin to descend to the physical one.

Thus, for example, an operation on lower vertebrae connected with the first and second chakras of a person can trigger diseases of genitourinary system, as well as reproductive organs.

And if the energy channel of the spine is broken at the level of, for example, heart chakra, one is quite likely to have problems with circulatory system in the nearest future.

So, refusing to take into account the energy component of the human body and to consider it as one whole doctors mechanically intrude into by far the most complex subtle material Divine structure which is the human body – the vessel of the Soul.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 24, 2021.

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