peaceful-revolutionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about the present situation on Earth.

As you see, there has arrived the very crucial moment of the struggle between the Light Forces and Dark on your planet that has already been mentioned in my messages more than once.

At present masks are flying not only off the heads of the leading countries of the world and their field employees but off the people around you too.

Each person on Earth irrespective of their nationality, social and religious identity has faced a dilemma: to allow themselves to be run by the ruling top and turn into a digital slave or to stand up for their right for freedom in all its manifestations.

Now no one can stay aside since not only the destiny of the world is being decided this time but of each person in particular too.

Unfortunately, there is still a huge segment of the population that has not been able to understand till now what is actually going on.

These are the people who get information from the mainstream media only.

And if till now they have failed to see and feel all the falsity and hypocrisy of the authorities and the journalists who executing their will ruthlessly keep on misinterpreting and juggling with facts, then hardly anything will be able to make them change their opinion about the current events.

Yet, the percentage of the people who are reviving is growing with every single day in geometrical progression.

And to a large extent it happens due to the recent events in Canada.

Why is it just this country that all of a sudden has become the “locomotive” in humanity’s struggle for freedom?

Of course, it is not by chance.

Shortly before no one of you could even imagine that the quietest, most peaceful and law-abiding citizens would be able not just to rebel but to lead others’ way as well.

First of all, the situation that emerged in this country has become a glaring example of what results from the unmurmuring submission and following illegal instructions of the authorities, as odious as the government of Canada.

Not only it failed to appreciate the exemplary behaviour of its citizens but have brought to the point of absurdity its incongruous demands that were based ONLY on greed for money and thrill of their unlimited power over people.

The second reason for the mass “rebel” of just Canadians was their exceptional peacefulness and friendliness.

Thanks to their example you could see that even to stand up for one’s rights and freedoms is possible being in the atmosphere of Unity, Love and Respect.

If you had opportunity to get into the atmosphere reigning among the protesting people, you would be able to feel that it TOTALLY LACKED AGGRESSION.

And it cannot be overestimated since in case of emergencies for the third dimension world people it is typical to show excessive emotions that are hard to control for them.

And these people behaved like pure and trusting children who did not doubt that their “parents”, who in this case their government members are for them, will hear them by all means and will meet their demands so simple, logical and humane.

While the actions of Canadian authorities – these henchmen of globalists – set off so drastically the condition of these wonderful, kind and peaceful “protesters” that arouse shock in people all across the globe indeed.

Now no one has any doubts about the way those at the helm treat common people and what their nation is for them.

The major victory of Canadians became the display of an example to the whole world of the way to treat each other with love and care supporting in dire straits those who putting their welfare and even life at risk took courage to protect the honour and dignity of the nation.

In no country there have ever been protest actions so peaceful, pure and light as in Canada.

And even the aggressive unprecedented actions undertaken by the government could not embitter these wonderful people who in response only got more united.

It is protests like this that I meant when asked you to protect your rights insistently but with no aggression showing Love, Unity and Respect to each other in everything.

It is expression of popular will like this all over the world that will end with the Victory of the Light Forces by all means, and it will occur in the shortest time.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 21, 2022.

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