the-triunity-of-the-spirit-the-soul-and-the-body-what-is-the-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we pass over to the Soul which is the next component of the Triunity.

What is this? What role does it play in life of humans?

In a figurative way it can be called an individual consciousness particle got detached from the Spirit.

It is also the Divine energy but it contains a unique set of personal traits that predetermines the personality, one and only.

No identical souls can be found in the whole Universe.

Each Soul has Divine “code” imprinted in it and this code represents all the skills and knowledge gained by the Soul.

The process of human souls birth is a little complicated for you to understand but it is based on the Supreme Creator’s desire to reveal Himself in myriads of individual particles for the endless process of cognition and creation.

Each Soul has Its origin and age, Its historical and geographical background.

Souls are born in different galaxies, on different planets and at different time.

There are ancient mature souls and there are really young ones.

And in order to gain deep knowledge and profound experience all souls are constantly intermingling enriching each other with opposite feelings, emotions and views which actually makes the task more difficult but it is the only way to win patience, persistence, wisdom and Unconditional Love.

Planet Earth is an ideal self-cognition and self-realization site for the Soul because of its amazing nature, race, social, political and religious diversity.

That’s why embodied souls arrive on the planet and make a long way of self-development lifting up the spiritual ladder from one incarnation to another which, finally, allows them to break away from reincarnation, go on with self-perfection in higher spheres and not to be born in physical bodies any more.

In the 3D world you live in the Soul’s task gets even more complicated, for Its memories of the existence in between the incarnations are deleted and humans think they have just started living.

The truth is that every single incarnation means a new level of development either for revision of the old material or for learning something new.

This ‘forgetfulness’ often results in the Soul’s making the same mistakes but no headway and living Its life in vain.

As a rule, it happens with young souls who got interested in 3D games and whose consciousness is not ready for the new and unknown.

In order to speed up the Soul’s development there was created Its multilevel structure to ensure that It won’t die and disappear forever but will survive once in low frequency vibrations of the dual world.

And in my next messages I will tell you more about this.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on July 9, 2018.

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