LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Advanced aerobatics)

life-on-new-earth-advanced-aerobaticsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And, finally, we move on to the third group of people who are completely informed about the current events on Earth.

Well, what is their cognitive dissonance from the energy point of view?

But first, it should be mentioned that this group features separation of its own – subgroups according to vibration level with a variety of nuances: from those who just express their indignation at other people’s servility to the authorities to those who are above the situation taking all the things in progress for granted.

Therefore, depending on their conscience level their cognitive dissonance shows in different ways, in case of some people there is no dissonance at all, despite the fact they see all the absurdity of the current events.

The feelings these people have watching unmurmuring obedience of the majority of citizens to the authorities range from the energy of condemn to that of astonishment with a variety of other shades.

Thus, the energy of condemn even if it does not convey the energy of aggression is negative anyway since it lacks acceptance and, consequently, Unconditional Love.

And in this case a person is not protected from the visits of astral “guests” who will replenish this energy in them.

As a result, the more they condemn others’ servility, the more chances of condemn energy to develop into aggression towards people around.

Which, unfortunately, is the case with many of you.

And it means that your conscience is still in the grip of duality incapable of breaking free from the usual third dimension programmes.

You still go on separating people into ins and outs, clever and foolish, followers and leaders, law-abiding and freedom-loving…

And the more you do it, the more you reduce yourselves to the conscience level of those you judge.

So as to avoid this, you should learn to get abstracted away from the world around but the way to take the reality holding sway over it with no indignation still participating in the crucial processes taking place there.

Of course, it is not easy – it is “advanced aerobatics” for a revived person.

And though this task may seem unreal to you at first, you are actually ready now to perform the actions you need in the third dimension world being by your conscience in the space of the Fifth dimension.

A lot of you unintentionally behave just like this.

Those who actively apply the practices offered by me have already learnt to create around themselves the high vibration field of the Fifth dimension that protects you from alien intervention and minimizes the chance of violent actions towards you.

But so as to maintain this condition all the time, you should exclude condemn as such from your life being aware that each person arranges their life and makes decisions in consistence with their Soul’s plan and that, despite your desire to change this plan, you are not entitled to interfere with it.

Such reserved wisdom and respect to others will attract similar attitude to you for other people’s part.

But it will happen only if it is not only external but also internal manifestation, that is, if in terms of energy you stay absolutely pure not letting a single negative energy into your field.

In this case you will minimize and, maybe, reduce to zero the cognitive dissonance that arose in your conscience and will treat ANY events taking place around you as objective reality – inevitable component of the Transition of your planet and the best representatives of humanity to the Fifth dimension.

Then vibration stratification will become objective reality for you too that you cannot change and that you should take as it is – as one of the conditions of Transition.

Let everything and everybody go with the flow, my dear.

Now it is time to get focused on you yourselves so that your former habits and judgement will not drag you back to the third dimension life again and your cognitive dissonance will not result in bad spiritual wounds.

And I bless you for this.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 20, 2021.

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