transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-human-divinity-symbolGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, we are approaching a crucial stage of your spiritual work – consolidation of all your upper – Divine – chakras.

It is going to be the climax of the transformation process of your physical body into the light crystalline one.

And now we will speak about your seventh chakra.

Why do many people see it at the subtle level as a lotus flower that has already gained the status of human Divinity?

A lotus flower has symbolized SPIRITUAL PURENESS from times immemorial.

And just like a lotus that opens its petals at sunrise and closes them at night, so does the seventh chakra of a person that opens toward Light and hides affected by Darkness.

There is one more reason why your crown chakra is compared to a lotus flower.

Having a strong and deep root system its perfectly beautiful “head” always turns towards Light.

So does a pure human Soul, as it is incarnated on Earth in the physical body and, being plunged deep into the third dimension world, is anyway striving by intuition for Light – its Heavenly Home.

So, what is the energy structure of your seventh chakra?

In shape it really resembles a flower whose firm “head” is slowly opening its gorgeous petals.

And it occurs as a person is making progress it their spiritual development when their seventh chakra is getting gradually rarefied and many times as big.

And now I will explain to you why it is so essential to– rarefy your chakras and subtle bodies.

As a matter of fact, only being rarefied to the utmost they can let in the Divine energy of Love that cannot be pulled to a denser energy substance.

You can easily trace it by your physical condition.

When you are nervous or extremely stressed your body gets stiff, and you can attract only energies as “dense” such as aggression, annoyance, censure – any derivatives of the energy of fear – the most negative of all the energies existing in the Universe.

While when you are really happy you are relaxed, and your body is, consequently, rarefied to the utmost in terms of energy. And then it can attract the purest and the lightest Divine energies – of Joy, Happiness, Love, Gratitude…

Being pulled to you according to vibrations they fill you with their bliss.

Thus, as one is getting spiritually mature one starts responding to everything that one comes across in the third dimension world in quite a different way.

Getting rid of their negative spontaneous reactions and seeing disposition of Providence in anything, little by little one opens the “head” of one’s seventh chakra letting in an increasing amount of the high vibration energy of Unconditional Love.

And the climax of this process is a complete disclosure of the “Lotus” of the crown chakra of a person, which means their conscience complete mergence with their Divine aspects.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on October 1, 2019.

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