setting-vibration-equilibriumGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to talk to you about vibration confrontation.

This is the thing now in progress all across your planet.

As a result of the recent events on Earth, the stratification of people in terms of vibrations is not simply increasing but is turning into confrontation indeed.

Since each human emotion conveys this or that charge, the totality of homogeneous emotions of thousands of people intensifies it manifold.

Gradually the concentration of energies and thoughtforms of the same type is growing into mini-egregors that are now coming into being in plenty on Earth.

Among the latter are also such mini-egregors as condemn of Russia and support of Ukraine and for the part of the people who are aware of all the profoundness of this conflict, the other way round, support of Russia and condemn of Nazi Ukrainian regime.

The two opposing points of view have aroused by far the most powerful energy confrontation.

Besides, the former group taking for gospel the official point of view that is communicated to people by the mainstream media exceeds in number the former group of heedful people manifold.

The vibration confrontation results in interference with the course of events which is quite chaotic and contradictory anyway.

Unfortunately, few manage to keep calmly and wisely reserved under these though tragic, yet, unavoidable events causing mass deaths.

And so as to minimize their consequences, I suggest you should do the following meditation and, preferably, more than once.

We will call it “Setting vibration equilibrium”.

But first, I would like you to recall the fact that one revived person is worth thousands of unrevived ones in terms of energy.

This is the advantage that will lay the foundation of this meditation.

Having invoked all your Heavenly patrons, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Galaxy brothers and sisters for help try to visualize Divine vibration scales – the way you imagine them.

And then on one scale of them put the negative-minded part of your planet’s population that sees everything in black-and-white and actively stands against “aggressive”, to their mind, Russia and for “democratic” Ukraine and on the other one – the heedful part of humanity that is aware of essence of the current events and managed to sustain a harmonious state and approach of an onlooker.

The vibrations of the former are very low and chaotic, while the vibrations of the latter are high and balanced.

And watch the high vibration field of the revived people overweighing little by little the hysterical low vibration emotions of the unrevived ones on the other scale.

Wait until both the “scales” reach equilibrium and the energy background of your Earth becomes relatively even and calm.

And only after that recover from the meditation.

Do not forget to set shield at yourselves and monitor your energy condition after the meditation.

If you feel energy attacks for the part of astral beings, by all means purify your subtle bodies with the Flame of Universe Love and renew your shield from time to time.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 1, 2022.

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