LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Priorities in reality perception)

life-on-new-earth-priorities-in-reality-perceptionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about the way you can learn to live in the moment of “here and now” all the time, which will help you bridge the third dimension and the Fifth one.

As I have already mentioned, the third dimension world linearity is in that many of you are simultaneously in the past, present and future nearly all the time.

Sometimes you even fail to catch up with your thoughts, with their whirlpool being really vigourous.

You often take no notice why they emerge in your head all of a sudden, why the image of this or that person suddenly appears in your mind, why you are sometimes seized with fear, doubt or lack of belief in yourselves.

Well, this is exactly how the influence of astral beings on your energy space shows.

Feeding on the energies of low vibrations they unceasingly provoke people to them thereby providing themselves with regular nourishment.

Finding themselves at the subtle level they are well aware of all the energy ties of people, their interaction and problem spots they should “press” making people generate low vibration emotions – such as offence, jealousy, envy, condemn, pride, fear, guilt…

Therefore, they tackle two tasks at a time: providing subsistence for themselves they do not let one break free from the metes and bounds of the third dimensionality creating mental and emotional chaos in one’s head.

In such condition it is very hard for one to be in the state of “here and now”.

You can tell me: “Well, we cannot exist in the third dimension world without analyzing the events occurring around us, drawing conclusions or making plans for the future.”

But you actually do not have to reject this, my dear.

You just should change priorities in reality perception and learn to be consistent in your actions.

What do I mean by “change priorities?”

First of all, to do away with the regrets of mistakes and guilt in your memory since such kind of your past experience immediately reduces your vibrations and triggers the worst-case scenario of your thoughts and actions.

If you suddenly start thinking about the past, do not resist it, just try to take control of the course of your thoughts so as to direct them the constructive way.

Is it possible to live in the moment of “here and now” pondering over the past?

Of course, it is, my dear.

The only thing you have to do being in the moment of “here and now” is to move to the past – to “flow” there by your conscience.

To facilitate the understanding of how this mechanism works, imagine the line of your life as a usual ruler with three scales: “Past”, “Present” and “Future”.

Each of them identifies your being “here and now”.

And each time when you have to come back to the past in your thoughts, move along the ruler towards the scale of “Past” and live through the situation again not evaluating it but learning some lessons, that is, calmly thinking about what and why happened, what conclusions you should make.

But if you feel that this situation is connected with your future, you can also move to the scale of “Future” passing the scale of “Present” so as to see the possible perspectives and adjust your actions in accordance with your past experience.

After that you can return to “Present”.

Such actions that at first sight may seem strange will help you tame your Mind and lead chaotic thoughts the harmonious way, thereby preventing astral beings from penetrating your energy space.

The state of “here and now” – is quite a different level of vibrations out of low order creatures’ access both of the subtle and the physical level.

Therefore, fixing of your Mind at a certain point is your protection and spiritual evolution at the same time enabling you, still being in the third dimension world, find yourselves within the frames of the unipolar world.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 24, 2020.

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