transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-double-mirrorGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So as to round up with the issue of your sixth chakra and the role it plays in your life in this Earth transition period, I would like to reveal to you one more its peculiarity.

In my recent message I mentioned the fact that your third eye is closely connected with a pineal gland that is its mirror reflector.

So now, I will explain to you why it is a mirror one.

As a matter of fact, a pineal gland of a person assumed the function of “reflecting” into higher dimensions everything seen by your third eye.

In other words it is transmitter-translator conveying and at the same time coding information about the events taking place on Earth into the heavenly “language”.

But this transmitter works in both directions.

Conveying the information received on Earth to higher worlds, it at the same time receives the same information about these events but it has already been processed from the point of the Laws of the Universe view.

Of course, this information cannot be channeled by everyone but only by those with telepathic abilities and capable of establishing contact with their higher aspects.

So that you better understand how this chain works let us study the following example.

Suppose, someone is finding themselves in a chain of “inexplicable” troubles.

The person’s third eye, even if it has not been activated yet, understands the cause of the events quite well and transmits this information to its “mirror reflector” – a pineal gland.

In its turn, being an intermediary between the sixth chakra of a person and their higher aspects, it transmits the information further on – to their Maternal Soul that is a storage place of all the experience gained by this person during a variety of their incarnations.

The Maternal Soul processes this experience being well aware of cause-effect interconnections of the events happening to this person.

It also knows the way out of the situation faced – the best for the Soul of this human being.

So, now it has to find a means of communicating it to them.

The pineal gland of the person scans the information on the other side and waits for the occasion to take advantage of and to communicate it to someone who can channel it.

It is possible to do this only for a person featuring rather high vibrations – not lower that of the fourth dimension.

And then everything depends on luck.

Intuitive enlightenment can occur to the person themselves since the information is inside them already – in their subtle sense organs, and they can scan it themselves at the moments of spiritual enthusiasm.

It can also be someone else with telepathic abilities who can get “connected” to the person’s “mini-database” that is located in their pineal gland.

It can also be clues from outside like crucial meetings and events, various hints, conversations overheard “by chance” or an occasional look at an abstract they “by chance” come across in a newspaper or on the Internet on the issue of interest for this person that can break the deadlock for them.

The person gets support from the Forces of Light as well: Safeguard Angels and Spiritual Patrons who do their best to make these “by chance” events turn out to be beneficial for further developments from the person’s Soul point of view.

And all this can happen due to a pineal gland performing as a double “mirror” of a human third eye as it “reflected” earthly events towards Heaven from where they returned filled with saving Divine energy and knowledge aimed at helping a person to solve complicated problems they face on Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 30, 2019.

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