WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (To break free from “the vicious circle”)

window-on-new-world-to-break-free-from-the-vicious-circleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message now I would like to talk to you about the way you can get over the inertia of your life and learn to introduce new elements into it unusual to you changing on the go the programme of your day, week, month and, generally speaking, that of all your life.

In the third dimension world the majority of people have got used to following the beaten track planning their day literally in terms of minutes and making their schedules not even for months but for years.

Some people have made it a habit to the extent that any deviation from the programme set causes by far the greatest stress.

As a matter of fact, such an approach to life, just as many other things, has been trained in people for centuries with a certain purpose: not to let them look around and be their own masters.

Especially persistent in this respect was religion creating specific canons that should be rigorously followed by people.

Then it was joined by the temporal power that set working hours for people and schedules of days off and holidays as well as the media with their news and other programmes at certain hours and days that are popular with the public.

In other words, all the actions of people were driven to specific time frames so as to keep them always under pressure and often in stress since any deviation from an obligatory programme was punished.

But taking into consideration how fragile the human psyche is and how wide the range of psychotypes is, such “programming” results in numerous diseases and eventually reduces the lifespan of man.

And now we will talk about the way one can break free from this “vicious circle”.

Of course, I understand that it is possible to do this only partially.

So, for example, if it is beyond your depth to change your working hours, you will have to leave this sphere of your life unchanged so far.

As far as other aspects of your life are concerned, you have the right to dispose of them at your discretion – the way you want it now, not somebody else including your immediate environment and family members.

It is extremely important for a person to have their personal space – energy and physical.

Only in this case it is possible to embark on the course of spiritual development having cut oneself off the daily round and alien energies.

Of course, it is not easy, especially for women, who, as a rule, are the life and soul of the house.

And their unusual behaviour is likely to stir up inadequate response of their family.

Yet, here, it is necessary to show persistence since too much is at stake right now.

The first thing, one should train oneself is to feel keenly one’s sensations and one’s own needs.

There are very few who can do this mostly following habits, duties, obligations and other people’s desires.

This is what has been made a virtue of in the third dimension world for centuries and has been regarded as the main moral principle: to live not for oneself but for others.

As a matter of fact, to have a full-fledged communication with others not serving or pleasing them is only possible when you yourselves are a valuable personality – interesting both for yourselves and others.

We have already talked a lot with you that it is impossible to really love others being unable to love oneself.

The same applies to the relationships between people: you cannot be interesting to other people if you yourselves are plunged in everyday routine issues only.

Everyone’s soul strives for something more than that, and the interaction in terms of souls itself advances you to another level of communication – at least that of the fourth dimension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2023.

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