WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (In coauthorship with the Laws of Universe)

window-on-new-world-in-coauthorship-with-the-laws-of-universeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to summarize the series of my messages on the Laws of the Universe.

As you see, even they are liable to energy influence and to some extent change their parameters depending on what dimension they interact with its inhabitants.

And the most vivid example of it is the Law of Opposites that holds sway over the dual world and changes the initial parameters of other Laws of the Universe – such as, for example, the Laws of Attraction and Reflection.

Yet, the Laws of the Universe themselves remain unchangeable since they exist beyond time and space and are an eternal and unceasing process of interaction of various energies.

As you see, being part of the Creator humans are so omnipotent that to some degree can influence the parameters of the Laws of the Universe changing the extent of their impact by power of their desire and intention.

Unfortunately, they often use this power they are endowed with by nature not to their good but to the detriment of themselves.

So, being able to turn the tide not only of their own life but also that of the whole planet just by their thought that is guided the constructive way and the emotion that generates Unconditional Love, not only they do not do it but, on the contrary, often destroy everything on the way.

It happens because the majority of people not only know nothing about the very existence of the Laws of the Universe but even do not think about the influence produced on their life by the energy processes they trigger themselves.

And this energy and Divine illiteracy has been imposed on Earth for centuries by those who seized power on your planet.

Possessing this knowledge themselves they were carefully concealing it from people being afraid most of all that humans would realize their inner potential and start living according to the Laws of the Universe, not earthly laws – artificial ones that are unnatural in terms of human essence.

Having deprived humanity of the basics of Divine knowledge, these unhumans went even farther than that provoking people’s outbursts of the lowest quality energies – the ones that resulted in separation of people, their suffering and pain.

As a result, humanity followed the wrong – not Divine – track since the energy quality had changed on Earth.

While during the golden age of humanity your planet was saturated with the Energies of Unity and Unconditional Love, then gradually – as long as the power on Earth was taken over by Reptiloids and Orions everywhere – only the energies of low vibrations started prevailing here: those of separation, hatred, envy, aggression, thirst for power and control and, of course, the energy of fear in all its manifestations.

And now, my dear, it is time not only to realize your omnipotence but also to make use of it to a full extent.

For this it is necessary to reprogramme one’s conscience and subconscience the way so as to get rid of the duality programmes forever that were instilled in there and install the Divine programme of unipolarity with its eternal and unalterable Universal Laws.

Turn backwards the negative and destructive energy processes on your planet and start new ones – positive and constructive.

All this is possible, my dear: it just takes to change the course of your thoughts and intentions.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 9, 2022.

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