WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Cure for duality)

window-on-new-world-cure-for-dualityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

And for our talk about the Law of Opposites to be completed I would like to tell you about the way it correlates to the Law of Reflection.

But first I would like to explain to you why I decided to consider the Law of Opposites so closely.

First of all, because it is the main one in the dual world.

This Law is not only closely connected with the Laws of Attraction and Reflection but is also “a starting device” for them.

In other words, due to it there are set in motion the energy processes that “provoke” the activity of two other Laws – that of Attraction and Reflection that are very close to each other in meaning.

But while the Law of Attraction is “double-sided” since as a result of its performance there occurs attraction of both similar energies and those of different qualities, which was said about in my previous message, the Law of Reflection functions rather in a one-sided mode.

It reflects – returns – one the energies that one generates outwards.

And in this case the Law of Opposites does not correlate to it directly but indirectly.

In other words, the energy exchange between people happens not through the immediate reflection of this or that energy but rather it comes to one “on the rebound”.

Let us have a case study.

Suppose, someone is too sensitive to demonstration of rudeness since they themselves are by far the most polite.

But for some “inexplicable” reason they face not polite people, which should seemingly be in consistence with the Law of Attraction, but come across rude fellows over and over again.

Why does it happen?

Because in this case there goes off the Law of Reflection not directly, though, but through the Law of Opposites.

And it will go on like this until one remembers about the Law of Unity that does not allow judgement and requires acceptance of everyone as they are.

As soon as it happens, rude fellows will disappear from the life of a polite person and then there will take effect and to a full extent the Law of Attraction without an intermediary as the Law of Opposites.

Therefore, it is possible to say that the Law of Opposites exists only for the one to learn to control one’s thoughts and emotions so well that the rest of the Laws – that of Attraction and Reflection – function directly.

As a result, there will be reached harmony of relations with the people around and the one will meet only people who match one perfectly – physically and in terms of energy.

That is why, my dear, try to monitor your reaction to any person you come across so as to let others be what they really are, not the ones you would like them to be.

This is what the Law of Unity is about and the very Unconditional Love that we have already talked so much about with you.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 8, 2022.

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