a-corridor-to-the-fifth-dimensionGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Being your nearest neighbours we would like to confer some urgent information to you.

Because of the fact that the GLF is starting a large-scale operation on the energy “reboot” of Earth we will have a lot to do as well.

We are to let huge amounts of high vibration frequency energy pass through ourselves, creating special corridors to ensure its smooth and continuous arrival on Earth.

It is a great honour for us as well as a heavy load since we have never worked with the whole surface of Earth at the same time before.

But we are sure we can manage this.

Why have we decided to address you directly?

We would like you to take advantage of an opportunity to get to the Fifth dimension in the simplified way.

The thing that we offer can be called by association with your world’s terms “open day”.

It will be not a day but several months, though.

In order to transmit to the Fifth dimension now it is enough to ask us to lead you there through the nearest passage arranged for the light streams by Ashtar Sheran’s spaceships.

The Fifth dimension Energy is flowing smoothly and evenly through the passages so you should not feel any discomfort.

You can get a feeling of being caught up by a wave and carried away to the other side – from the 3D world to the Fifth dimension space.

You will certainly feel the difference in energy when you get there.

Of course, not anyone can get through the passage but only those of you who have already reached the threshold of the fourth dimension.

People like this are quite numerous on Earth and that is the reason why we have made up our minds to offer you the opportunity of the simplified Transmission.

Finding yourselves in the Fifth dimension try to work at your conscience and subtle bodies saturating them with the energy of Love as much as possible.

But at the same time monitor your senses.

You should understand when it is time to come back home so as not to get “overdosed” with high vibration frequency energy you are not get used to yet.

Start with several minutes gradually extending the time of your stay in the Fifth dimension.

On our side, we will secure you adjusting your vibration frequency if we see that you are unable to react the appropriate way in different situations yourselves.

We hope that the interaction with our civilization like this will bring both you and us a lot of good because we are to cooperate close in future.

It is quite possible that some of you will be able not only to feel us but to see as well.

In appearance we resemble shiny transparent squire bundles of energy.

Despite the appearance so unusual for you we are living beings capable to communicate with you in a telepathic way and we will do our best to make such communication true.

You are most welcome, our dear ones!

Sincerely loving you representatives of the Tetragonia civilization spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 14, 2019

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  1. RHONDA ROSE says:

    ty so much.LOVE to ALL


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