REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (How to identify one’s genuine dream)

reptiloids-and-clones-how-to-identify-ones-genuine-dreamGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s go on discussing genuine dreams of human beings.

To identify your genuine desires you should look at yourself from aside.

And this is how you can do this.

Try to estimate your place in the society and in your family.

Ask yourself: “Am I satisfied with the things I have and with the way my family and people around treat me?”

At this point it is essential to get the answer of your Soul not that of your human Ego’s that is insatiable indeed.

Not to misinterpret the answers you can make use of the good old chakra system.

Your Soul’s answers will vibrate at your sixth and seventh chakras while your Ego’s ones – at the three lower ones.

You can ask your Soul any questions but the point of them is to help you understand what the origin of your dream is, what it is based on and whether you really want the thing you are dreaming of.

My dear ones, you are already at the level of your spiritual development that enables you to realize that human life is designed according to one and the same centuries-tested pattern: successful studies, a prestigious job, a fortunate marriage, a big house, an expensive car, entertainment and travel with everything that it entails…

And everyone tries to climb up this “mountain” of social success at the top of which you will get the cherished material wealth…

Someone reaches the top first, others get stuck half-way and still others roll down to the foot of the mountain totally exhausted…

Yet, millions of people on the planet are persistently climbing up this “mountain”…

Have you ever thought about why the desires of millions and even billions of people on the planet are so unvaried?

And why are there so few people who are not interested in all this and who are happy and thankful for small mercies just NOT TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES?

They are those who managed to hear their Soul’s desires and not to strive for their insatiable Ego’s desires satisfaction.

They let themselves live IN AN UNUSUAL WAY dedicating their life to THE THINGS THEY PERSONALLY NEED AND LIKE not to what is imposed on them by society, family, religion…

They like birds born wild set off for free-flying escaping “the cage” of duality that the majority of people on Earth are kept in.

They are independent of somebody else’s view, world outlook, judgement…

They have succeeded in hearing their own Soul’s voice and gained inner freedom restoring by this their RIGHT OF CHOICE which is the Divine feature of every human being.

Look around, my dear ones, watch your friends, your nearest and dearest, colleagues and just chance acquaintances.

Feel what they are inspired by, why they have chosen this or that lifestyle, what their dreams and desires are.

Try to understand if they are initiated by their Soul or by their Ego that is powered by behaviour and mentality stereotypes.

You will be surprised to learn how IDENTICAL people are, to what an extent they are DEPERSONALIZED.

And then try to estimate yourself clearly, precisely and objectively: to what a degree you are susceptible to the influence of these 3D world programmes and whether you want to break free from this vicious circle – endless pursuit of the things imposed on you by the consumer society – this monstrous product of reptiloids.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on February 19, 2019

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