REPTILOIDS AND CLONES («Spiritual» dreams)

reptiloids-and-clones-spiritual-dreamsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will continue speaking about your dreams but will focus on those of them that lie not within material but spiritual scope.

Unfortunately, even they have been transformed beyond recognition and sometimes you take as being yours the dreams imposed on you artificially from outside.

As I have already mentioned, reptiloids have got access, and in some cases, exercise control of spiritual development of many people.

They make use of their ability to manipulate human conscience here as well.

Therefore, even human desire to develop spiritually has also found itself in the duality trap as reptiloids have done their best to force this process into certain limits creating for people just an illusion of freedom.

They do this in such a delicate and sophisticated manner that human beings are absolutely sure of following the spiritual way of their own free will.

Just the way certain desires programmes were persistently inserted by reptiloids into human conscience in the material world, so controlled by reptiloids some programmes of human spiritual development are being inserted into human conscience nowadays in the esoteric world.

And this is how it is implemented.

They take as a principle fashionable teachings that are well known to everybody such as, for example, yoga, philosophy of Buddhism, Vedic knowledge and create new “synthetic” spiritual schools and universities.

And already existing teachings are often communicated to people being loose interpreted by latter-day gurus.

But these new “teachers” don’t tell people that this knowledge was suitable for the history period of its own as it was consistent with the vibration frequency of Earth and people’s conscience level of that time.

Nowadays with new high vibration frequency energies reaching Earth and encouraging mass conscience revival of humanity it is essential to make headway instead of marking time turning back to old teachings over and over again.

This way, unnoticed for people, their spiritual growth is skillfully being retarded, true current affairs on Earth are concealed and the fact that Earth is experiencing a unique period of its transmission to another dimension is being suppressed.

It results in a huge number of light and pure ancient human souls being misled from the path to the Ascension.

And this is exactly what they were born for and the genuine desire of their Soul is to make Transmission together with the planet Earth.

But being entrapped by various movements, schools, approaches they sincerely take their “teachers’” dreams for their own and follow their instructions without a murmur not questioning their “gurus’” competence and sincerity.

It turns out to be paradoxical: people searching for spiritual growth fall prey to the same consumer society, not in terms of material wealth though but in terms of spiritual “surrogate”.

Reptiloids have lately made amazing progress in this sphere since they learnt to use psychic methods of influence on human conscience.

This is what accounts for unprecedented fanaticism of different spiritual leaders’ followers: people live under THEIR thoughts and desires being incapable to identify what their own Soul’s genuine dreams are.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2019


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  1. RHONDA ROSE says:

    TY.SPIRITUAL means LOVING.Only fear blocks LOVE.Fear into FAITH=LOVE&TRUST in ourselves&Divinity,that’s why we are here on Earth.This&many other TRUTHS are what I’ve been teaching/sharing for many years,to all ages. ALSO-I met a reptoid&even though I knew their evil agenda&have battled for years with Yeshua’s&Jesus” help,I got so exhilarated to actually see a non-human/E.T.(?)! This was what I wanted all my Conscious life!HI-Consciousness has been filled with astounding,miraculous experiences!!!LOVE&BLESSINGS


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