WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Artificial intelligence influence on humans)

window-on-new-world-artificial-intelligence-influence-on-humansGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about artificial intelligence and will consider the energy processes that occur during its interaction with humans.

Since artificial intelligence itself does not have any energy of its own, it gets saturated with the energy of its inventors.

To some extent it can be compared with material objects that convey the energies of the people they were created by.

Yet, being a programme, artificial intelligence is something more complicated since it extends its influence over unlimited spaces embracing millions of people.

It can be compared with you tuning a radio set onto this or that frequency so as to “catch” your favourite programme.

But in this case there occurs tuning onto your frequency, while as a receiver that catches your “wavelength” performs artificial intelligence, besides, it does this without you being aware of it.

It is quite a complicated technology that was developed by the Greys and it was created with the purpose of human conscience control.

But any violent intrusion into the Divine creation, which humans are, is unallowable from the point of view of the Laws of the Universe that is why people should do their best to stop this horrible programme of their conscience enslavement.

What should you start with?

Before all, with getting rid of your dependence on your mobile phone and computer reducing their use in everyday life to a minimum.

Not only will it save you from electromagnetic irradiation pernicious to humans but will also minimize artificial intelligence influence on you that is linked to all the electronic devices producing by their means an indirect impact on the human conscience.

One more aim of artificial intelligence is separation of people.

A lot of people literally live burying themselves in their phones’ screens instead of looking around, looking other people into the eyes, turning their heads up and admiring the clouds floating in the skies, listening to the birds singing.

The majority of people have lost the skill to be at the moment of “here and now” having replaced their real life with the virtual reality.

Well, all this results from the functioning of artificial intelligence that is weaving its “cobweb” of separating humans that has already grown to the size of your planet.

Gradually all the services and leisure activities of people are being moved to the internet space, and now people do not have to leave their houses to participate in some event, buy the things they need including even food.

As a matter of fact, this “convenience” advertised at every turn is paid for with one’s freedom and enslaved conscience.

The most glaring example of it is contextual advertisement when, having once ordered something in the internet, you begin to be showered with the ads of similar goods because artificial intelligence has already scanned and saved all your interests and needs.

All this is not as harmless as it may seem since little by little human conscience gets “littered” to the extent that one is now unable to make decisions oneself expecting to get a usual prompt from one’s phone or computer.

At the same time one’s financial condition is also being controlled as it is possible to pay for services via the internet by means of easily tracked electronic operations.

As a result of every newly purchased item or service you are getting increasingly involved into artificially created reality on Earth that has now been controlled completely by artificial intelligence for several decades.

Therefore, the only way to break free from this vicious circle is to come back to your former habits: to buy everything you need in a shop paying in cash.

Do not be afraid to appear old-fashioned.

It is actually the only way you can get your freedom back and liberate your conscience from the alien influence of artificial intelligence.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 22, 2023.

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