ten-years-laterGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today, on December 21st 2022, I would like to summarize the decade that passed on your planet.

Ten years ago exactly many of you were expecting crucial changes on Earth: some were expecting the end of the world, others, on the contrary, – her Ascension.

And at the subtle level such changes actually took place, besides, the way that, in fact, lived up to the expectations of both the former and the latter.

And the reason is as follows.

As soon as Earth reached the photon zone of higher dimensions and it became clear that at the physical level significant changes did not take place so far, the confrontation of the Dark and the Light Forces who were trying to take advantage of the delay that arose became considerably more active.

In other words, for both the parties it was some kind of a sign to show it was time to take active actions at the physical level too: for the former – towards the end of the world and for the latter ones – towards the Ascension speed-up.

In practice it resulted in the fact that the deep state’s protégés representing the Dark Forces on Earth started to implement their programme of humanity annihilation twice as fast, while the Forces of Light started to fill Earth with high vibration energies more actively.

As a result, for these years there has increased stratification in terms of vibrations among the inhabitants of your planet.

Those whose vibrations remained at the same level or even decreased obediently followed all the items of the appalling globalists’ programme on false vaccination and digitizing of Earth’s inhabitants not being aware of the fact that this leads to total degeneration of humanity.

While those whose conscience and bodies were ready to take in the energies of higher vibrations began to grow spiritually much faster eagerly absorbing the new knowledge about the transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension.

Many of you could feel it in terms of yourselves and your nearest and dearest.

See how your environment has changed – how many unnecessary ties and so-called “friends” you have managed to get rid of.

Besides, it has happened in a natural way, without hostility or quarrels but only thanks to vibration “disagreement”.

Of course, the crucial years in confrontation of the Forces of Dark and Light at the physical level have turned out to be the last three years that like a litmus test has made the qualities and intention of each Soul apparent.

And it has happened not by chance either since there is less and less time left before the final Transition.

So, the shadow government had to reduce to two years what they had planned for a decade.

As a result, the programme of depopulation through gene modified “vaccines” was imposed on people almost forcibly – by means of intimidation, blackmail and threats.

It was the reason for a great number of human souls that were potentially ready for Ascension to come to the Dark Forces’ side unintentionally having yielded to this pressure.

But those who withstood have gained unprecedented experience of becoming fearless and preserving self-respect.

They are the very “gold grains” that having been sorted out by means of numerous “sieves” of the power of Spirit tests have managed to resist the system and protect their right to be their own masters.

The things now in progress on Earth, during the last days of the year that is passing, are the final accord of the struggle between the Light and the Dark Forces both at the subtle and physical level.

And the outcome of this struggle is close now since Earth cannot wait any longer: she follows her programme of Transition, and this process cannot be either stopped or delayed this time.

That is why, my dear, please, spend the last days of the passing year not in holiday fuss that you are called for from everywhere but in deep reconsidering of all your life so as to make your final decision preventing the Forces of Dark from pulling you back to the third dimensionality.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on December 21, 2022.

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