WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Two realities)

window-on-new-world-two-realitiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to the talk about the fourth dimension today we will speak about the way it influences the events taking place on Earth now.

Actually, on your planet there has formed a unique situation never seen before when two spaces of different vibrations exist on her simultaneously.

At this moment the widest energy “line” is exactly that of the fourth dimension as a transitional one from the third to fifth dimension.

Thanks to this a lot of people start to revive since their conscience eagerly absorbing high vibration energies begins to transform even without the declaration of will of the people themselves, many of whom are not aware about crucial changes now in progress on Earth.

They simply start seeing everything with another eye.

The things they did not use to see because of their conscience being in “scales” and entrapped within the metes and bounds of the third dimension world are becoming obvious to them now.

It can be compared to one who spent a lot of time in a dark cellar suddenly coming out to light that first dazzles them but later one starts seeing everything around clearly and distinctly.

This is the way the fourth dimension influences the third dimension man – by rendering them “dazzled” with the truth that gradually turns into a new reality for them.

The thing is that your conscience is not adjusted to sharp changes that can become ruinous for it.

This way, even a person well grounded in theory, well informed about the Transition of Earth into the Fifth dimension and waiting for it for many years in case of sudden shift into this world new to them will inevitably get shocked – mentally, emotionally and in terms of energy.

To prevent this, you are provided with the salutary fourth dimension that will allow you the opportunity of heedful and calm preparation for the long-awaited reality that is so unusual for you though.

But since one lives not in vacuum but in the thick of the events, one’s conscience, as a rule, keeps up with these events too.

And as long as one’s vibrations are increasing, one starts seeing the things around from another perspective – that of one’s new high vibration conscience height.

Therefore, the events themselves that are external reflection of one’s inner state and world perception acquire quite different vibration features.

For example, one of purely material-oriented conscience that is in total submission to the authorities and the media sees everything occurring on Earth now in gloomy and tragic shades – the ones that are imposed on one from without.

While a revived person who has realized the profoundness of the contradictions between the shadow world government and the population of Earth considers these events on a global scale now as a final battle between Good and Evil.

Everything in progress does not seem that tragic to them but, on the contrary, inevitable and leading to the liberation of humanity from the yoke of the Dark Forces who seized your planet.

So, in the former case people featuring the third dimension conscience by their low vibration thoughts and emotions just make the situation aggravated that is tough anyway.

The latter ones, on the contrary, facilitate its best-case scenario development because, being aware of the inevitability of this final battle, by each and every thought of theirs they promote its outcome to the greatest good of all.

This way, not only many people’s conscience but also even the situation on your planet are now both in the third and the fourth dimension at the same time.

And the more people revive, the sooner all the events on Earth that are reflection of the inner state of people will move to the fourth dimension, with the most favourable outcome awaiting them, since in this dimension low vibrations are nonviable now and, consequently, the victory of the Light Forces is unavoidable.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 2, 2022.

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