we-are-among-youGreetings, dear earthlings!

We haven’t contacted you for a long time not because we have nothing to tell you but because our work on Earth is becoming more and more apparent and we are not willing to give it publicity to prevent unsound curiosity of humans unaware of what is going on.

Yet, today we would like you to get half the bottom of the mystery concerning our activity on the planet of Earth so that you could feel our love and care.

As you already know, we are your next of kin and you have our blood running in your veins as well, so we always keep in touch with Earth and earthlings.

Moreover, a lot of times the bravest of the Pleiades souls have arrived on Earth in the physical bodies in order to feel and understand in full what happens to you in the world of duality.

And now at the most crucial time for the planet such representatives are sure to have arrived.

They look like ordinary people but unlike you they remember who they are and what they are here for.

This time the Pleiadians embodied on the planet have come with the specific assessment – to assist you in transmitting into another dimension.

They are not numerous, just several dozen but they have managed to hold quite influential posts in different countries on different continents.

Therefore, geographically we have succeeded in involving the entire planet.

At present when your Earth is at the threshold of the final stage of the Ascension it is time to take actions.

While the embodied Pleiadians used to have wait-and-see attitude knowing how few are the people ready to accept the information about the Transmission, now when due to the Internet this information is available to wide sections of the population they will pass over to practical issues in coordinating different countries actions aimed at the mankind rescue, both physical and moral.

It is evident to you that severe natural disasters are gaining in scale more and more.

“The spiritual collapse” of the 3D world has also reached its final stage.

Having carried the so-called “universal values” to the point of absurdity this world has caused the ultimate moral decay of the population.

We waited for everything to reach “the boiling point” to start taking actions openly.

Before now all our attempts to change the things would have been condemned to a failure.

We are not revealing the names the ones spoken about in this message, for it will bring no good.

Still, we would like to let you know about them so that you would believe us and understand that we have taken this unprecedented measure only because of the fact that we are not indifferent to the destiny of earthlings who we consider to be our family in trouble and who we feel obligated to help by all means available.

We deeply love you and look forward to meeting you hoping it will not keep us waiting too long.

The Council of Elders’ of the Pleiades has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on November 28, 2018

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