i-embrace-you-with-fatherly-loveGreetings, my beloved children!

It has been long since I came to you last but not because I have nothing to tell you but because all my attention was focused on by far the most important and crucial events on Earth, the one that is my huge personal responsibility.

The planet of Earth is my patrimony that I created long ago in hope it would become a blessed residence for all her inhabitants.

And in the beginning it was just like this until foreigners came here: some with good intentions and others with foul ones.

And quite another life began here, with good intermingling with evil, truth with lie, humans with unhumans and the power of money reigning for many centuries.

All this had been progressing till it reached its peak.

The things now taking place on Earth are not only the summit of Evil but also degradation of many human souls that I created with so much Love and Belief in their high mission.

For the rescue of humanity as a species there was made an unprecedented decision by the Father of our Universe to take the planet of Earth with the pure mature souls that remained on her to a higher dimension.

And this unique experiment was entrusted to me as a chief keeper of Earth.

Since then I have been working hard for her Ascension to occur within reasonable time frames and for all the human souls who can ascend with her to be able to do it.

So, this process was prolonged in time not by chance.

Thanks to this a lot of people have managed to revive in recent years and, consequently, they have time to get ready for Transition.

What exactly my role in the process of Ascension is?

Before all, it is in coordinating of all the actions of the Forces of Light and your Galaxy family that are aimed at prevention of the military operations and natural disasters’ consequences that are irreversible to Earth and people.

As you see, despite the fact that in recent years natural disasters on Earth have increased in frequency, catastrophic consequences of them have not been witnessed.

And a great merit in this is of your extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

Another concern of mine was support of speeding up the disclosure of those who are guilty in dehumanization of people – turning them into an obedient slavery grey mass.

I did not prevent the attempts of the deep state’s government to cut down Earth’s population only because I wanted you to live through the experience of disclosing criminals at the helm yourselves and to learn to tell the truth from a lie, as well as see what lies behind nice words.

I wanted to provide each of you with a chance to remain a pure human Soul under the hardest and most dramatic circumstances of your life.

And I see I was right.

In recent years each Soul has shown what it really is.

No one could withdraw in themselves, hide or disguise – all the masks have been thrown off indeed.

So now, eventually, “harvesting” time is coming that will be followed by the last “cultivation of land” of the planet of Earth so as to take away “weeds” – the souls that cannot make Transition by any means.

But believe me, my dear, every little sprout striving for Light will be noticed and caressed by me, while my numerous assistants in Heavens will get them in their patronage.

And I know that in the last months of the passing year a lot of such sprouts will appear, for every opportunity has been made for this now: severe life trials that make the Spirit of mighty and light souls stronger thereby giving them the chance to make Transition.

Do know that I am always there for you and embrace each of you with my fatherly Love.

God-Father spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 8, 2022.

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  1. Michaela says:

    Thank for ALL of you

  2. Matteo says:

    Thanks to you too, Brother! And yes..to everyone that keeps on and on this site that helps us all goin on and on! We are One. With love. Matteo.

  3. tara young says:

    Then…if I understand correctly, Father Absolute is THE Source, THE Creator and God-Father is the Creator of our universe, The One we call “God” in our religions ?

      1. tara young says:

        thank you very much Eduard. Love and Light.

    1. Pila says:

      “God-Father is the Creator of our universe” As I understand, no.

      As this message is from God-Father where he says:
      “For the rescue of humanity as a species there was made an unprecedented decision by the Father of our Universe”
      that would mean he is talking about himself.

      After checking:

      I concluded following:
      1. Father-Absolute (12. density) is the “Creator of our universe” so “Father of our Universe”.
      2. God-Father (11. density) is “the “caretaker” of your earth” so probably also the one from religions.

      Eduard, is this correct?

      1. Eduard says:

        2. God-Father (11. density) is “the “caretaker” of your earth” so probably also the one from religions.

        Perhaps this is correct for you, since I don’t know what exactly you mean by “religions”.
        There are religions on Earth in which God is something all-encompassing, and not some kind of “personality”.
        And in general, it is so: everything is One – one follows from the other.
        God “simply” fragments himself and we are also part of him.
        So in a sense, we are also Gods 🙂

        The text has been translated by Google Translate, so there may be inaccuracies in it.

        1. Pila says:

          Sorry, I should have been more specific. Thank you for reply.
          Sometimes I wonder, are we more like parts or fractals… But anyway, it makes us Gods 🙂


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