make-wonders-already-nowGreetings, my beloved children!

I have come to you today to talk to you about one feature of your life that many of you pay little attention to.

And this is inertness of your existence.

Despite the fact that you are very well informed about all the twists and turns of Transition and try to do energy practices to speed it up, your everyday life hardly changes.

And it is quite easy to explain: since long ago it has already acquired a certain rhythm for you that you are used to calling routine.

At first sight, it may seem something positive which makes your existence easier: everything is running according to the “route” settled in advance and you do not have to distract to anything new or unusual.

But, as a matter of fact, such life is deprived of improvisation that always brings brightness and novelty to it.

Well, mind you, soon you are not simply to move to a new higher dimension but plunge into quite a different reality, with all the usual laws of existence, including physical ones, not working anymore.

And to get adapted in the new reality, quite a distinct perception of life is required, with imagination, fantasy and improvisation being exactly the foundation of it.

And you can start developing these qualities in yourselves already now, which will not only enrich your present life but will also help you get ready for the new one.

For this purpose you already have such magic accessory means as intelligent high vibration energies that you can interact with closely.

I see, my dear, that you use them mostly in your energy practices, séances and meditations, which is really praiseworthy, of course.

Yet, in your usual life, your everyday routine you absolutely forget about them.

And it is a pity indeed: they can enrich your existence in the third dimension world incredibly.

By means of these amazing energies you can turn your life into magic.

So, for example, you can play with the Energy of Time depending on the circumstances expanding or, on the contrary, contracting it. Now it is becoming quite real.

You can invoke some of your favourite Energies for help even in the most usual routine matters. And you will feel the difference by all means.

Do not forget about your Safeguard Angels either, the ones that are only waiting for you to talk to them, ask for some advice or support.

Now, at the junction of the two dimensions, you can communicate with them like with real beings and feel their presence by your side almost physically.

Try to emerge from routine every day thinking of at least little surprises to your family and yourselves – something nice and unexpected for everyone.

Learn to make wonders already now and then it will be much easier for you to get adjusted in the space of the Fifth dimension making the most of the opportunities you are endowed with there.

I bless you and love you so much!

God-Father spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 5, 2023.

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