time-to-act-decisivelyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from our topic and talk to you about the current events on your planet.

Now a really crucial moment is coming for each of you since Dark is not simply getting thick but sometimes it seems it is making some kind of a breakthrough strengthening its positions on Earth.

Yet, it is actually the very last convulsions of the representatives of Dark who are trying to hide their total defeat behind fleeting success.

At the same time it is one more test in your Belief in the Forces of Light’s victory too.

The things now in progress cause many people to have a “déjà vu” effect as the Forces of Dark make use of their favourite methods of lie and fraud over and over again concealing them behind right and nice words.

They seem to be trying people’s patience in an attempt to estimate the degree of their trust and obedience.

I see that many of you can hardly restrain the feelings of despair and disappointment with the current events.

What can I advise you to do in this situation?

If nothing depends on you personally and you cannot influence the things in progress at the physical level, work in terms of energy, with your efforts being twice or even thrice as hard.

Do not spare time for that and, instead of hunting for more and more new details of the tragic events taking place worldwide, do séances and meditations on the prompt and final victory of the Forces of Light on Earth.

You can use the Energy of Ascension and the Flame of Universe Love for this purpose.

You will feel it yourselves which of these energies will appear more efficient at this or that moment, in this or that situation.

It is high time, my dear, to show spiritual maturity and moral durability displaying an example to others of how one should behave in complicated life situations.

Now it is not the right time to discuss, criticize or savour the details of the things you do not like or disagree with.

It is time to act decisively against those who attempt the very human essence, the right of people to be their own masters.

Everyone should do their best where they are.

Some of you holding a state post can act for the good of people more efficiently at the physical level, while some others will contribute significantly to the deliverance of humanity working in terms of energy.

The main thing is for you not to sit on your hands waiting for somebody else to do everything for you.

Although the victory of the Forces of Light is inevitable, you will get quite a different taste of it if you know you helped to bring it closer too not watching from aside but plunging into the very thick of the crucial events.

And I bless you for this, my dear!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 9, 2022.

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  1. Matteo says:

    Love You! Grazie….


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