LIFE ON NEW EARTH (I pass on the baton to you)

life-on-new-earth-i-pass-on-the-baton-to-youGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us summarize the series of my messages on psychoanalysis.

Now when the Forces of Light will start to gain their ground on Earth with confidence, this time you are to put into practice all the knowledge you have been receiving for more than five years on this website.

I promised to hold your hand through all these hard years when Dark was getting thicker over your planet.

I know how important it was for you to get the support of the Higher Powers not to lose your Faith, not to despair but become sure of yourself.

The messages that you have been reading every day not only disclosed the real picture of the world giving you invaluable spiritual knowledge but also filled you with the energies of high vibrations that were purifying your conscience and your subtle bodies from the third dimension energies and programmes.

You have changed a lot over these years, my dear.

You have become stronger, wiser and more tolerant.

You have the knowledge that has never been offered to anyone up till now not only in such volume but in such simplicity, too – in a common and comprehensible language clear to anyone.

Now it is time to share this knowledge with others – those who, as you feel it, are ready to accept it.

This is the reason why I gave you the basics of psychoanalysis, so as to help you communicate this knowledge to people in a calm, harmonious and wise way not insulting the feelings of believers, not moralizing the souls that strayed from the God, not subduing the Free Will of an individual simply giving them the chance to step on a new path they have never known of before.

It is a challenging task indeed, and you will manage to do everything all right not all at once.

But I believe, my dear, that by the trial-and-error method you will find the way to the soul of every person you will be talking to about Transition of the planet to a new era, and by all means you will choose the best, the most appropriate and persuasive words and evidence.

Right now your work in this field is made easier by the fact that the operation of the Light Forces on the shadow government overthrown HAS ALREADY REACHED its final stage not only at the subtle level but at the physical one, too.

And I know that all of you carefully follow the latest news arriving from the VERITABLE, not official, sources of information.

You have already felt that Unity of people all around the globe is running with rapid strides, which just a few years ago could not even be imagined by you.

Yes, the salvation has come to humanity from the country nobody has ever expected but it is due to this that it has become so symbolic and all-embracing.

It is there that Evil has reached its utmost – the concentration of aggression, hatred to people and absurdity that worked as a detonator blowing up from the inside the whole system of the Dragon reptiles that has got totally rotten down.

So now, Apocalypse is marching on the planet raising the veil higher and higher and revealing the horrible crimes of these creatures in respect of humanity.

It will facilitate your work to a great extent since now your words will be fortified by numerous proofs that will be supplied from everywhere by pure and light souls now, not by the marionettes of the world government who have congested the “mainstream” media at present.

The final of the earthshaking fight of the Light Forces and the Forces of Dark on your planet is coming, and the former are winning a decisive victory.

And now it is time for you to take actions, my dear, sharing your energy, your knowledge and your Love with others.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 13, 2021.

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