LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Returning Home)

life-on-new-earth-returning-homeGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to start talking about what you are to do in the nearest future – how to arrange your life at the junction of two worlds – the old world that is crumbling to dust before your eyes now and the new one that is just getting its shapes.

Humanity has lived through such transition periods more than once, and, as a rule, they were extremely painful for people.

It happened because all revolutions in the third density world brought aggression, violence and suffering to people and ended just with change of power that was gained by the people of the good old third dimension conscience again and, consequently, unable of creating a society that lives according to the Laws of the Universe.

Even the lightest and purest ideas could not save the outcome of revolutions, and the reason for that was that according to the Law of similars the low energies of struggle and violence could be pulled to by the energies featuring vibrations as low – if not those of violence then those of control and human will submission.

Well, what is going on now?

At first sight it seems to be a revolution but on a global scale.

But as a matter of fact, it is not the change of a social system as it used to be the case during political overturns but humanity’s breakthrough from the third dimension matrix and their coming back Home – to the native energies of Love and Light.

The things that are in progress on your planet now can be called deliverance of the best representatives of humanity from spiritual slavery.

It occurs on a mass scale, yet, its peculiarity is that the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population does not even suspect of the events that have been taking place for a long time both at the subtle and physical level of Earth.

Moreover, many do not consider themselves to be slaves and up till recently they have been quite satisfied with their life.

Even the “pandemic” imposed on them with all its restrictions is taken by them as inevitability aimed at protecting them from the “horrible” virus.

Well, why are global changes still taking place, anyway, seemingly against the desire of the planet’s inhabitants?

Why are the Higher Powers and your Galaxy brothers trying to save those who did not ask them for help?

They are actually asked about by the best representatives of humanity – the very ancient souls that embodied on Earth just for this now and that are perfectly aware of the fact that your planet has already entered the era of Aquarius, with low and heavy energies of the third dimension world being out of place there.

And in this case the desire of the minority overweighed the desire of the majority.

It happened due to the fact that it is this minority who are rightful inhabitants of this wonderful planet, while the majority is its conquerors.

Besides, it is the minority that features the energies of high vibrations and they resonate not only with the renewed planet but with those who help her in Transition.

The revolution in progress now on Earth can be called ENERGY REVOLUTION.

Unlike all the previous ones, it is bloodless, and it is based on the Law of attraction: like attracts like.

In other words, a new society on the Earth of the Fifth dimension can only be lived in by the people who will resonate with her in terms of vibrations.

Nowadays on your planet there is in progress the selection according to the purity of the soul, and here neither power or money or other attributes of the third dimension world can be of any help.

The pass to a new life will become your high vibrations and inner qualities that are impossible to falsify or buy for money.

Therefore, the change of epochs will happen not in the energies of aggression or violence but in those of Love and Light that will gradually fill all the planet naturally forcing out of it everything alien that features low vibrations.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 16, 2021.

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