LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Wise adviser)

life-on-new-earth-wise-adviserGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about your life at the junction of two worlds.

What will be the hardest thing for you?

Before all, in rearranging your conscience.

Even those of you who have known about Earth’s Transition into the Fifth dimension and think that their conscience is ready for this will be surprised to learn how deeply rooted the third dimension world programmes got in their subconscience and how hard it is actually to get rid of them.

A lot of people will be judging and evaluating others for a long time from force of habit comparing them with themselves and trying to convert them into their faith – in a word, displaying the duality of mentality towards other people.

Yet, you should not get discouraged or blame yourself for this.

That will be great if you realize it this time!

It will become the first step on the way of deliverance from the third dimension world programmes.

Let my series of messages on psychoanalysis become a starting point in your communication with people and at the same time a tolerance test in respect of the people around you.

At present it is extremely important, my dear, since it is not by chance that you happen to be scattered all over the world.

You will be the “magnets” that will be attracted to by the people whose conscience is reviving and who will desperately need the support of the like-minded people.

You are the ones I pin my greatest hopes on, for the overwhelming majority of the population knows nothing about Transition so far.

It is you who will become the lighthouses that will be lighting others’ way, and to a large extent it is your “luminosity” that the speed and success of “revolution” on your planet will depend on – energy, spiritual and mental revolution.

But to help other people it is first necessary for you to become strong and wise yourself.

Now as ever people will be in need of “chiefs” who will be guiding their conscience in a calm and confident way in a new constructive direction.

And they will be not ideological leaders subduing human conscience but spiritual leaders who will help each person to open their OWN potential, inspire their belief in their OWN strengths and help them find the occupation of THEIR life.

And here there is a fine distinction indeed telling a wise adviser from an arrogant mentor, the latter one throwing far back both you yourself and the one you are trying to help.

Why can it happen?

The only reason is that such an approach is typical of the dual world you have already left, the one with its opposite for everything: strong – weak, clever – stupid, spiritual – not spiritual and so on.

But you know now how unique each person is and that each of you is a teacher for others.

And even if you have knowledge that your interlocutor does not have yet for these or those reasons, it does not mean they are inferior to you.

It is quite possible they have succeeded in something else and can share their experience with you.

Now when you are at the threshold of a new life, you are to put into practice all the knowledge accumulated for these years thereby making an example for others – those who have just set their foot on this road and who are to travel it in several years.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 17, 2021.

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