WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (At the brink of precipice)

window-on-new-world-at-the-brink-of-precipiceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will start a new topic that has to do more with your future this time.

I know that patience in terms of many of you is running out because it seems to you that everything is happening according to globalists’ plan so far.

Externally it actually looks like this as power and mass media are still in the grip of the deep state’s marionettes.

But the deep state itself does not almost exist anymore.

And the thing here is not only in the fact that new energies are confidently forcing out the third dimension world energies and everything that has to do with it.

A huge role in elimination of the deep state’s influence on people has been played by mass disclosures of their crimes against humanity.

These disclosures are now assuming quite a different character since they occur at a lot of levels – starting from revival of common people and finishing with the government level in many countries of the world.

The reason for this is that for recent years there has accumulated an enormous amount of evidence of what stands behind the so-called “pandemic” and all the restrictions associated with it.

To conceal these facts is impossible now because too many people have encountered the aftereffects of the false pandemic and especially mass vaccination.

Millions of people have experienced horrible side effects, hundreds of thousands have become invalid and many paid their lives for the criminal experiments over people carried out by pharmaceutical companies that are in service of globalists.

At present an active struggle is in progress all over the world by honest doctors, scientists, lawyers, journalists and politicians against the deep state, their marionettes at the helm to be exact, the ones who are immediate executives of these crimes.

And though in outward appearance they repulse the blow, they are actually frightened to death with the inevitable reckoning for what they did since everything was done deliberately by them under the supervision of their “tutors” who remain behind the scenes, which does not relieve them of their personal responsibility for the crimes against humanity at all.

Yet, despite their desire they cannot stop now and not only because they are afraid of their masters but also because to confess their mistakes means to show weakness and political unsoundness for them.

That is why, despite anything they go on moving further like a train that has gained speed and cannot stop at the brink of the precipice.

And this absence of “brakes” in terms of the ruling top helps revive more and more people who do not trust their governments any longer and start searching for alternative ways of their own rescue.

Therefore, redistribution of forces in society is gaining in scale and the number of the people loyal to the authorities is getting increasingly smaller.

People eventually start thinking independently and ponder over their future in quite a distinct way – independent of the ruling top’s plans.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 14, 2023.

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