transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-excessive-expectationsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about how you can combine your present life with pending of Transition to the Fifth dimension you are getting ready for so carefully.

I have already told you many times that the most valuable and wisest approach to life is ability to remain at the state of “here and now”.

It is the very key that opens the gate to the new happy world.

But I see that so far few of you have succeeded in this. What you mostly live in is expectation of Transition living your present life in a hurry not paying due attention to it.

So now, we will try to find out why it happens and, which is most important, how to reach harmony and balance existing in two dimensions simultaneously: physically still being in the world of the third dimension and in terms of conscience – in that of the Fifth one.

Such people are actually not few on Earth now.

Well, let us start with the fact that time is quite a relative notion.

As you know, in higher worlds it simply does not exist as it is.

But while you are still living within the frames of linear time you should learn to value it and use every single day for good.

Always remember that what you Soul has embodied on Earth for now is to gain the missing valuable experience of the third dimension life with all its peculiarities.

And one of such peculiarities is TIME that you have right to dispose of at your discretion.

So, it is within your depth to learn to control it.

You can make it fly swiftly or you can slow it down, almost stop.

Everything depends on the state of your Mind and your Soul at this precise moment of time.

You can learn to control it so that it flows SMOOTHLY, IN A HARMONIOUS AND MEASURED WAY.

Why is it so important?

Before all, it is necessary for your peace of mind since any surges or sharp changes in your life make negative impact on your physical and psychic condition.

And time leaps are not an exception.

Perhaps, each of you can find a lot of evidence to it.

For example, when you are longing for something time seems to be passing unbearably slow.

Yet, this “disharmony” with time is reflection of your own unbalanced condition – EXCESSIVE waiting.

This way one of the main Laws of the Universe is manifested in the outer world: external reflects internal.

Not an exception is your passionate desire of Ascension of Earth.

It has become especially painful for those who have been waiting for it for more than one decade.

What such waiting results in is well known to you: disappointment, disbelief, irritability…

And now remember another condition of yours.

When you STOP waiting for something and leave it all to chance your desire comes true almost immediately…

And in my next message I will explain the energy mechanism of this phenomenon to you.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 15, 2020.

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