transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-ascension-tideGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you what the wave of Ascension is, the one that has come to Earth in order to “wash away” the third dimension world that has had its days and to clear up the space for new society construction on Earth.

Why do I use just this comparison so often?

Before all, because these flows of the new energy have vibrations incomparable with those of the third dimension world energies.

They are really hitting Earth like ocean waves during storm.

But this energy “storm” causes not only physical damage as natural disasters but mental ones as well – as collapse of old mental and behaviour patterns of people, which results in collective conscience transformation of whole humanity.

Well, now I will highlight the niceties of this process energy mechanism.

To help you visualize this let us take the following example.

Suppose, you are an average person whose life in the third dimension world is rather successful if to follow its well-established stereotypes of success.

You have a well-paid job, house, family, the usual circle of friends, entertainments and travel.

You are quite satisfied with your life that is brimming with events numerous in their variety.

Yet, in spite of the fact that you are a nice, friendly, decent person the spiritual side of life is left “off-screen” of everyday routine and responsibilities.

You do not think what you came to Earth for, what your life sense is, what your Soul, not your Ego, strives for or whether you realize your native talents and gifts.

In other words, you are completely plunged into the ordinariness of existence.

And here comes the wave of Ascension that “hits” Earth bringing the energies of quite different vibrations.

Your pure Soul that unlike your Ego is well aware why it has embodies at this precise moment takes in these Divine energies so dear to it with gratitude getting filled with it from stem to stem.

What happens next?

It is doing its best to get hold of you – revive your conscience, pull you out of the usual routine life and switch you over to a new level of spirituality.

Yet, as it has repeatedly been said in my messages, a happy well-off life does not encourage spiritual revival.

Therefore, the wave of Ascension supporting your Soul begins to destroy the energy “carcase” of your present life getting thereby ready the foundation for your new existence.

At the physical level it can show itself in problems with work, termination of obsolete relations, loss of interest in the things that used to be important for you.

In other words, you face global crisis – reconsideration of all your life and overall reappraisal of values.

Your energy space becomes different and, consequently, according to the Law of Similars you attract quite another way of existence based on spiritual values that are untypical of dual life.

And while your Ego is suffering because of the collapse of the good old well-off life, your Soul is triumphing since it has managed to lead you the right way.

And if you realize this to a full extent, your life will certainly return to normal but it will be different since different will be your conscience filled with Divine high vibration energies of Ascension.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 13, 2020.

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