LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Help in reviving)

life-on-new-earth-help-in-revivingGreetings, my dear beloved children!

I know that many of you are concerned about where other people will go who are not ready for Transition since they are quite numerous in your environment, with your friends and relatives being among them.

Believe me, my dear, everyone is given a chance to move to the Fifth dimension with Earth till the very last moment.

And since at the final stage of Transition human conscience will start changing not just quickly but by leaps and bounds so really a lot of people will manage to revive.

And only the youngest souls who are to travel the long road of reincarnations in the third dimension worlds will leave Earth with reptiloids and other low vibration creatures embodied as humans.

And as it has already been mentioned in my messages a lot of times, you should not artificially urge those who are not ready yet.

Still, on the other hand, you should attentively watch psychic condition of the people in your environment since the changes in their conscience take place unevenly.

Someone can revive almost instantaneously if, for example, they come across the information supplying clear and comprehensive answers to the acute questions.

It can be the missing piece of the “jig-saw puzzle”, and then the reality around them will show in quite a new light.

It is exactly what is happening to many people now in whose eyes myths are discredited and authority is dethroned, and the true essence of those who used to be trusted and believed in becomes apparent.

As a rule, this is what becomes the first thrust on their way to realize themselves as an independent personality and to gain the feeling of responsibility for themselves and their close people.

They start realizing the degree of illusiveness and falsity of the world they have been living in for so many years and begin to look for the way out of this illusion.

And it is at this stage of human revival when it is essential to support them and let them know the whole set of true information providing them with facts and evidence of what is really going on and what is contrary to the things they learn from the official mass media.

But it should be done in a very gentle, careful and metered way since not all the people are ready to here ALL the truth at a time.

Otherwise, you can simply scare them losing their trust, and the energy of fear will throws them back in low vibrations.

Therefore, my dear, do not rush to tell common people, for example, about aliens or reptiloids and their horrible crimes.

Start with ultimately convincing them of the exaggerated danger of coronavirus and fateful effect of vaccination on human conscience and physical condition.

And for this you have plenty of facts compiled by the honest and mindful people who have taken the courage to go against the system and communicate the truth to people.

This is what the top priority is now: oppose the criminal plans of the world government, which will save a lot of human souls from corruption and will enable them to “pull up” their conscience to the level allowing them to make Transition.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on June 29, 2020.

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