transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-healing-rayGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on speaking about the mechanism of energy influence of human conscience on the body.

As it has already been said in my previous message your thought resembles an energy “ray” that you can direct to this or that part of your body, to this or that of its organ.

And the impact it makes on your body depends on the energy this “ray” conveys.

To make it easier to imagine you can compare it with a laser ray that has a wide range of application in different spheres of your life.

Try to imagine each of your thought being such a ray and use it as a tool not only to influence your body but various situations as well.

But you should also remember that the role your FAITH plays here is as important, the faith that this way you can create your reality and your new light crystalline body.

Feel being real magicians – the conductors of the Divine energy of the Fifth dimension and co-Creators of the Higher Powers of the Universe who are always there for you and readily respond to your call for help.

In order to see the results of your work you can start small – to correct, for example, a minor defect on your body.

For this purpose during practices and meditations on your physical body transformation into the light crystalline one you can intentionally work at this part of the body directing a high vibration energy ray to it by your imagination.

You will feel warmth or vibrations in this place by all means and will ascertain that the energy responds so readily to your mental impulses.

Those of you who work with energies are sure to have experienced it themselves and so have their patients.

The more you practise such energy work, the more apparent the results are and the more clearly you feel energies.

You will realize to a full extent how lively, cooperative, effective and dear they are…

And there is one more tip of practical importance I would like to give you today.

Do not expect immediate results.

Do not push the events in your thought.

It is extremely important since the energies of impatience and disappointment will slow down the work of the Divine energies.

The process of your body transformation is a sacred and subtle one and you yourselves should stay calm and balanced for the process to occur smoothly and in a harmonious way.

Choose the time for your practices and meditations when you have chances to get away from the vanity of the world and get completely concentrated on yourselves.

But you can maintain the new state of your body wherever and whenever you like charging your body with the energy of the Fifth dimension in your thought and trying to feel your new crystal cells performing their sacred work.

Do your best, my dear ones, to be within the Divine energies stream all the time – maintain your «Rainbow bridge» between the worlds of the third and the Fifth dimensions and make them merge by the power of your thought.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 10, 2019.

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