energy-perturbationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress a little from the issue of new energies and will talk about the things that are going on now at the subtle level of Earth.

To cut a long story short, the processes occurring there can be called energy perturbation.

And this is what it means.

The changes of the magnetic field of Earth that took place at the beginning of the year triggered the redistribution process of energy interaction between heavenly bodies of your galaxy.

Of course, it concerns the heavenly bodies closely connected with Earth – such as the sun and the moon, first of all.

The mechanism of interaction between them that has been used for thousands of years has failed, which at the physical level resulted in abnormal climate phenomena.

Thus, in the parts of the planet that have never witnessed snow there were unexpected heavy snowfalls, while in places that should be in the middle of winter all of a sudden everything broke into blossom leaving spring several months behind.

And it is the energy perturbation in the near-earth space that is to blame for this.

Preparations for the creation of mild climate that will settle at the whole territory of the Earth of the Fifth dimension are being carried out this way.

This can be compared with the way you mix hot and cold water in one vessel in order to get the water of temperature comfortable for you.

But in this case such “vessel” is your Earth.

The powerful streams enveloping your Earth are performing an elaborate task of redistribution of water and air masses on your planet so that, having intermingled – exchanging places, they reach an average index allowing for a mild climate to settle all over Earth.

The things happening to it now have never had any analogues throughout the history both of your planet and of the whole galaxy.

While the history epoches changes used to be signified with global disasters destroying whole civilizations, like in the case of, for example, Hyperborean, Atlantis or Lemuria, now Earth is meeting the new era in a facilitative mode.

Yet, the main difference is that Earth itself is also advancing to a new level of its development.

In this case, there is exercised not total elimination of earthly civilizations but a natural vibration level selection of those capable to move to a new energy space with Earth and those ones who will have to leave the planet because of the fact that they have failed to reach the level of vibrations resonating with the energy profile of the new Earth.

So now, you find yourselves in the epicenter of these history-making events on Earth.

Many of you have probably noticed that the same energy perturbations are going on in your life as well.

Many values have been reappraised in your life creating chaos in all the spheres of your life – both personal and social.

All this is not accidental, of course, since this is the way energy “whirlpools” raging at the subtle level of Earth have descended to the physical level involving all its inhabitants’ life.

And really a lot depends on how you live through this hard period of your life.

If it trains your Spirit and strengthens your belief in a favourable Transition outcome, you will find yourself at the same vibration wavelength with your planet.

But if you behave under inertia, in terms of mentality and emotions taking everything like a third dimension world person, you will find yourself overboard the Ascension “ship” sailing away to the wonderful distance of the Fifth dimension leaving you behind.

Therefore, my dear, please, get now totally concentrated on yourself, your Soul, your intuition not squandering your time on trifles: needless contacts and idle talk.

Invoke all the new energies I tell you about in such details for help, as well as all your heavenly patrons and higher aspects of your Soul, which will help you transform your conscience and physical body up to the level enabling you keep up with your planet.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2020.

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