THE WORLD OF ASTRAL (Soul deliverance from foreign inclusions)

the-world-of-astral-soul-deliverance-from-foreign-inclusionsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To carry on with the topic of the previous message on your Soul integration today I would like to tell you how you can return other people’s Souls’ fragments existing in your energy space.

But first, it is essential to understand why they got there in order to avoid similar mistakes in future depriving other people’s Souls of their wholeness.

Let’s study human Souls’ interaction process with the help of some real life example.

It is a common case in your life that first love – the deepest one – ends up in a break off for this or that reason.

As a rule, it is the greatest emotional challenge for the both sides.

The first love memories will live in your Soul forever and so will a particle of the human you used to love.

And if the break off was accompanied by strong negative emotions your Souls’ wounds can “be bleeding” all your life long.

This interaction “pattern” applies to your each and every emotionally strong connection.

Since thought is material and there is no space or time limits for it each time you recall your offender or the one you offended, you get back to the upsetting moment and send your arrows to their Soul again.

This way, though unconsciously, you supply with energy other people’s Souls’ fragments that got stuck in your aura as well as maintain existence of your Soul’s fragments inhibiting other people’s energy space.

You can ask me: “How about fond memories of our relatives, those we think of with love and care?”

In this case, my dear ones, there takes place the energy intercourse of quite a different quality.

But you should mind the slight border separating it from your Ego intrusion that can start regretting something, feeling nervous of your relatives’ wellbeing, blaming or judging those you love or feeling guilty to them.

Therefore, it is very important to learn to think of people with no judging or assessing, imparting no personal touch to what is good or bad for them…

Just give them your love, unconditional and unselfish, accepting them the way they are.

Not only will this kind of energy intercourse bring your Souls a lot of good but it also will fill them with the Divine energy of Love making you feel stronger and more confident.

Since this type of relations is rather rare to occur and during your life you have attracted many fragments of humans’ Souls I would like to give you the practice that will help you to return the fragments to their owners deliberating your energy space from foreign inclusions.

Let’s call it just the same “Soul deliverance from foreign inclusions”.

Sit for meditation, relax and call on all your Heavenly guides then ask your Higher being to return all foreign fragments inhibiting your energy space to their rightful owners.

With all your heart thank them for the lessons learnt and the experience gained due to them and say the following:

“I love each Soul’s fragment inhibiting my space and let it go Home with peace. Let it get united with the Soul it originally belonged to. ”

Remain in the meditation until you feel that the process is over.

You can do the meditation several times until you feel ultimately free of the foreign influence.

I bless you, my dear ones, for outright cleansing of your Soul and gaining Its wholeness!

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 29, 2018

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