whose-side-the-law-isGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will speak about how you could learn to control your emotions in respect with the so-called “representative of the authority” who in many countries supervise people in all public places and especially indoors where mandatory masking is required.

This total control is one of the links in reptiloids’ chain of crimes against humanity and is a powerful tool for free human will suppression.

This way not only the Laws of the Universe are violated but the usual earthly laws as well since healthy person masking contradicts both common sense and all the medical reasons.

One involuntarily has to breathe in not the usual oxygen but carbon dioxide that creates a harmful medium for a human body and leads to regrettable consequences.

It is especially true in cases when one has to wear a mask every day for many hours.

How can you oppose this sophisticated torture imposed on you?

The first thing you should do is to find documentary proof of my words, arm yourself with facts and results of objective research carried out by independent and decent scientists and doctors.

Such people become more numerous with every single day since the absurd situation on Earth concerns everyone now and the desire to protect oneself and one’s nearest and dearest overwhelms the fear of high and mighty.

Independent lawyers are getting involved into the situation, too, the ones capable of grounding the illegitimacy of making a healthy person wear masks or sanctioning them to financial penalty for disobedience.

Believe me, my dear, if you explain your position in a calm and firm way and produce legal proof of authorities actions illegitimacy, you will make a “law” enforcement officer perplexed who, as a rule, blindly follows the instruction from above and sometimes simply enjoys their power over people.

Meantime, it is very important to monitor all your emotions: not to feel any annoyance, condemn or aggression towards these people while pushing your rightness foaming at mouth.

You can even show sympathy for these people and understanding of the fact that they earnestly fulfil their duty but, nevertheless, you have your own point of view at the events and you are going to stick to it up till the end.

If the “supervisor” behaves aggressively or threatens you with a fine do not be scared and tell you have all the ground to challenge the fine and prove that masking is direct violation of human rights.

Of course, my beloved, there is a great variety of situations and sometimes you will have to compromise so as not to let down innocent people – for example, small shops and hairdresser’s owners that can be punished because of your “disobedience”.

Still, it is of extreme importance for you to live out the fear of public agents feeling a free and self-respecting personality.

Therefore, you will set an example for others that it is possible to remain a human being in any situation having one’s own firm position and not coming up with the absurd and unhealthy rules.

Thus, you will gradually change the situation not only in terms of energy but at the physical level as well, which will be beneficial both for you yourself and the people around you.

And the last thing I would like to tell you in order to round up with the issue of masking.

Treat everything that occurs with humour, as a game and this last masquerade as a symbol of the fact that the truth on Earth is eventually coming out and quite soon all the masks will be off not only from those they were forcibly imposed on but also from those who have been rampaging through your planet for so long.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 20, 2020.

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