Ascension in Action (Pacification)

ascension-in-action-pacificationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

In today’s message, I’d like to continue our conversation about your abilities to create a new reality, while being in the world of 3D.

And first of all, it concerns purification of the energy spaces in the places of chaos and extremely intense passions.

It is necessary, because the situations, that provoke powerful explosions of passions, cause a great trauma to your already renewed planet.

Humanity pulls your planet back like heavy weights, clutching its poor tormented body with all kinds of negative emotions.

This discrepancy between the higher vibrations of the Earth’s subtle bodies and its physical body hinders its forward movement.

It is in your power, dear ones, to minimize its discrepancy, to help Earth make a Shift into the new reality smoothly and harmoniously.

And today I will give you another practice, aimed at harmonization of situations, which are provoked by the discharges of lower vibrational energies by the great number of people.

Let’s call it “Pacification.” And that’s what it means.

You can smooth out any events, critical conflicting situations, by transforming negative energies into the positive ones.

And that’s how it may happen in practice.

Any flared up conflict – be that a family feud, social or political passions when they have reached a high intensity – inevitably creates mini-egregore, which is feeding on the conflicts and in turn gradually feeding them, and as a result it inflates even bigger.

Your task is to see this energy egregore and to work with your focus upon it.

For that you can use the practice «Dissolving the programs of 3D», which I have given in my previous message.

But this time your “firework” will be directed on the egregore, that absorbed negative energies of this particular conflict.

Powerful discharge of Love from your fourth chakra is capable to blow it and transform into dust, creating in that place a new egregore of Divine energy of Light and Love, which will feed the conflict with the energy of completely different quality.

Believe me, dear ones, it is a very effective method of pacification of the prolonged conflicts of all types.

And if you master this practice, you would be able to noticeably diffuse difficult situations on your planet, transforming one after another the egregores of fear, anger and aggression into the egregores of Peace, Love, and Goodness.

And I bless you for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on April 1, 2018

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