the-triunity-of-the-spirit-the-soul-and-the-body-to-be-in-high-spiritsGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s go on discussing what the Spirit is and how you can feel it.

Actually, it is very simple because the Spirit is Love – Unconditional and Unlimited.

This is what is called “Pramatter” – the Divine energy – that universes are made up of.

This energy embraces enlightened humans enabling them to create new universes because they have returned to their origins of Love and have become Its generators at the same time, in a word, their souls have reached the level of the Creator.

But while living in a 3D world, my dear ones, you should learn to feel and hold It within yourselves as long as possible.

And today I will give you some practices that can help you to do this.

Let the first one be called “The voice of the Spirit”.

It is very simple and does not require a meditative state.

Try “to listen” to the space around you wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Do it unintentionally, not because you are obliged or made to.

It should be done in passing as if you are half-listening naturally and carelessly.

If you succeed you will feel the slightest ringing noise that always serves you as a background.

It is not in your ears but around you. You perceive it with sense organs other than physical.

Everything is interfused with it as if being weaved of this magic sound but it doesn’t disturb or annoy you.

It can be perceived not by everyone but only by those whose vibration frequency allows it.

For some of you it can serve as an excellent vibration frequency test: if this sound gets imperceptible your vibrations have reduced in frequency, if it gets back everything has come to normal.

We will call the other practice “The Spirit inside me”.

Having caught the sound of the Spirit you should let it inside of you and hold it within as long as possible.

You can do this on the go in your daily round as well.

Try getting lost in this magic sound.

Imagine it filling all your energy space, all your body and its every single cell.

And your body also starts “ringing” and vibrating a little. Someone can have light pricking feeling.

If you manage to get merged in the Spirit your heart chakra will inevitably respond to it – it will extend so much as to make you breathless because of the overflow of Love.

My dear ones, this is where the expressions “to be in high spirits” or “to be out of spirits” come from.

They reflect your inner state of Love or Its absence…

As soon as you learn to “catch” and hold within the energy of Love you will always be “in high spirits”.

And I bless you for this.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you.

Channeled by Martha on July 6, 2018.

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