to-the-last-manGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will digress from our topic and talk about the latest events now taking place on Earth.

As you see, my dear, protest actions in many countries of the world assume effective character this time.

And it is explained by the fact that even people far from the issue of Ascension begin to understand they have fallen into a trap.

They have made sure by their own experience that all the promises of officials and all their orders and instructions are movement in a circle.

It seems to many people that a slipknot is getting tighter and tighter around their neck and they start to realize that they themselves put their heads into it.

Now many have changed their mind and are trying to improve the situation by taking part in protest marches meantime finding themselves in another wave of violence since against peaceful protesters many countries’ governments oppose clones – soulless executors of their will.

This is the reason, my dear, for the actions so inhumane of people in the police uniform.

Feeling their upcoming collapse, the shadow government is playing their last trump card – human conscience control and programming of clones on certain actions.

You can ask me: why do the Light Forces let it happen?

And I will answer: only for the very last “echelon” of people potentially ready for Transition to revive.

As a matter of fact, the process of the planet’s Ascension has been in progress for several decades.

And while the first “echelon” – the Divine seeds that have come to Earth with this particular mission know about Ascension and have been getting ready for it for a long time starting from the late nineties, the last one start to revive only now – during the period of the false pandemic that was “let” happen by the Forces of Light with the same aim again: give opportunity to make Transition to as many light human souls as possible.

As you see, the Light and the Dark Forces are two sides of one and the same coin, and sometimes it is thanks to the Dark Forces actions that people get revived for light deeds, just as thanks to sufferings they make spiritual progress.

The things taking place on Earth now can with confidence be called mass revival because the first “echelon” was followed by many and many people gradually breaking free from the influence of the third dimension world in recent years.

This way, layer after layer collective human conscience has been cleaned from the “scum” of the third dimensionality that humanity on your beautiful planet has found itself for so many centuries.

The field of the battle now in progress on Earth is a motley picture of different vibrations “warriors” who are participating in it not only at the energy level but also at the physical one.

At the energy level there start astral battles during your meditations when you are joined in by the Light Forces at the subtle level of Earth.

While at the physical one the Dark Force’s henchmen are repulsed by protest and disobedience actions.

Thanks to this, every single day the odds are getting more and more apparently in favour of the Light Forces, both embodied on Earth and disembodied ones.

And I know that many of you feel this in spite of the fact the false pandemic measures becoming tighter and tighter.

Right now it is extremely important to stand one’s ground at the last moment and bring your actions to the final victory at the physical level since at the subtle one you have already won.

I know that the upcoming Disclosure will lend wings to you and render you incredibly strong and sure of the soon victory.

You are now on the very wave of the greatest events that have ever taken place on Earth.

And I would like you to hold this height living through the “crucible” of Disclosure with honour preserving your own vibrations and helping others to increase them sustaining their belief in victory and upcoming Transition.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on February 2, 2021.

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